• VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,133 ★★★
    With how long game has been inaccessible, plz implement 30 minute AQ energy timers
  • GrimmbananaGrimmbanana Posts: 711 ★★
  • MkdemariaMkdemaria Posts: 113
    Same for everyone. Very frustrating!
  • zeezee57zeezee57 Posts: 2,801 ★★★★★
    Wasn't expecting to last so long. Totally crushing my available arena grind time.
  • zackb213 wrote: »
    Would be nice to know what the maintenance is for but Kabam doesn’t do that so why am I asking

    That’s funny- I’m about 2% positive they would let us know... if they knew.. :D
  • AndyBaron7AndyBaron7 Posts: 255
    Maybe some aq refills and aw refills 2. I’d like them lol throw in some war boosts 2 and it’s a big thank you from me your friendly neighbourhood villain also known as jailed spidey Gwen lol
  • MidnightfoxMidnightfox Posts: 463 ★★
    They had to go to the pet store to get more hamsters I guess. Long maintenance.
  • GrimmbananaGrimmbanana Posts: 711 ★★
    instead of hamsters we need genetically modded dinosaurs on the server wheels
  • Stara99Stara99 Posts: 423 ★★
    Hour and a half now. Longer then Tuesday maintenance
  • OnlyOneAboveAllOnlyOneAboveAll Posts: 383 ★★
    edited June 2018
    4 star Deadpools/Dupes all around for everyone stuck in Goldpool arena 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • RobinfifthRobinfifth Posts: 56
    Hey all, we realize you're frustrated. Beleive me, we really don't like downtime either. Not the Game Team, not the Support Team, not the Forum Team, no one likes it. Please remember, the forum rules still stand and we expect everyone using these forums to follow them, regardless if you like them or not. Please be considerate of the audience here, your fellow players.

    We'd like to keep this thread open, as a place to discuss the outage constructively while the team is working on resolving it as quickly as possible.

    This is not an isolated incident this happens far more frequently than it should especially with time restrictive content. There have been constructive comments littered throughout the thread like reducing aq energy timers to 30 minutes making aq maps possible to complete when this happens or issuing aq/aw energy refills. None of those comments are taken seriously and all the threads are dumped together so you can collectively ignore us all.
  • KbugiiKbugii Posts: 109
    Well looks like my alliance will miss a matchmaking after losing a war that we were finishing off the boss and the game went down. Would’ve won with that clear too. Appreciate it guys.
  • SpicyslicerSpicyslicer Posts: 1,831 ★★★★
    Wow this is a long outage. I hope everything’s okay over there.

    Good luck all. Hope you get it straighten out.
  • SpaddictedSpaddicted Posts: 196 ★★
    So our alliance war is gone. Don’t know what to say.
  • AsmodeyusAsmodeyus Posts: 217
    Ad0ra_ wrote: »
    Omni wrote: »
    Every 15 mins that passes I drink a beer. Kabam don’t enable me drink myself away.

    can I join you in that?

    Great, this is the fastest buzz I've gotten to date... probably shouldnt be shooting 151...
  • MRod77MRod77 Posts: 154
    yeah we are going to be out a war as well. we will get one started whenever the game gets back up, but we wont hit the cutoff on Sunday to find another one. that is 700 5* shards down the drain.
  • Stara99Stara99 Posts: 423 ★★
    I just got a tweet to do domino assignments but got this
  • SpiderCoolsSpiderCools Posts: 604 ★★
    Well there goes the arena grind for hella people
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