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시스템이 완벽한것처럼 얘기하더니 봐라
너희들 스스로가 찍힌 믿음의 결과다

이제 보상을 어떻게 할래?
전에처럼 아무일 없었다는 듯이 또 그냥 넘어갈 셈인가?
아니면 조각 몇개주고 사과메일 하나 달랑?

8시인가부터 지금 7시까지 약 11시간을 점검했어
아레나한 사람들의 점수 어떻게 할래?
1. 아레나 한 사람들 에게 전부 1위로 보상을 해줄것

2.시간에 따른 보상을 조각이 아닌
6성 크리스탈 정도는 줘야 하지 않겠니?

3. 앞으로 공지를 해라
시간이 길어질수록 보상이 더 늘어나는 체계적인 보상목록을

It's the result of your own self-imposed faith.

Now how do you get the reward?
Are you going to go over again as if nothing happened before?
Or give me a couple of scraps and an apple mail?

8 I checked about 11 hours from poet to 7 o'clock.
How would you score the arena?
1. Give the first place to all those who are in the arena.

2. Time-based compensation is not a piece
Do not you have to give me six crystal?

3. Make announcements in the future
A systematic reward list with more rewards as time goes on


  • Hello, @Kingsquest . The Google translate version of your message is difficult to discern, however, I believe you are talking about the recent Emergency Maintenance (unable to log into the game).

    We do apologize for the frustration this caused, and our Teams will be reviewing how this impacted players and having discussions regarding compensation. We did create an announcement thread regarding this, and it is located here with more details regarding the situation: http://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/77965/emergency-maintenance-june-29

    As a side note, we do not have any Korean speaking moderators in the forums. Should you require further assistance and this reply has not addressed your concern, our Support Team may be able to assist further.
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