Does this happen to you too?

I’ve been playing since week 1 and I’ve noticed something strange with Parry.

I’m hoping that someone at Kabam reads this and has an epiphany and can sort the problem out or at least comment on it. Someone else might spot something as well.

It’s quite common these days for my Parry to go awry, leaving me open for a 5 hit combo. But what I’m noticing is that the chance of Parry going wrong seems linked to the PI of the opponent.

For example in Evangeline’s challenge. I ran through Round 1 and 2 without missing a single Parry. Round 3 I went through the first 4 paths without missing Parry, path 5 however I missed it 3-4 times which killed my AA so I took out Antman early and then ran path 6 with fresh champs. Getting through that path was tricky with at least 1 Parry miss per fight and Antman himself I missed Parry maybe 10 times over 5 fights.

Now I’m on Round 4 and i’m struggling. I seem to miss Parry every third time, which simply means I can’t make progress.

So is the mechanism different between opponents? How come I can go for a combo of 200-300 across different matches with lower pi opponents, but with a high pi opponent I can struggle to keep my combo over 20?

So is your Parry experience related to your opponents PI?


  • The_LiasThe_Lias Posts: 15
    Also your chance to put debuff on high level enemies is lower. E.g. 6* opponents seem to be way more resistent against debuffs.
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