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No Incoming Calls During Play the game with new update v 19.0.0

@Kabam Miike
@Kabam Vydious

Please fix This Issue As soon as possible otherwise i cannot continue the game.

Just notice that ,

My friends and family could not reach me During play this game.No incoming call come to me during play this game.
They told me My phone was switch off.
They tried to reach me like thousand time but Switched off because i was busy with Arena in game.
So 3 hours They didnt found me by phone calls.When i shut down the game ,All those phone calls Came to my inbox that they were called me Via phone calls.

Its really annoying ,
I Dont dare even login the game right now because i am missing too many phone calls when i am playing this game :(

● I am Using Samsung Galaxy S5 Letest farmware

● Os Version : 6.0.1 marshmallow

● Carrier : Vodafone IT (Italy)

● Wifi : Tim Fibra ultraveloce ( Tim Fibra ultra fast ) 1000 Mega download and 100 mega upload.


  • D_Ace_71D_Ace_71 Posts: 138
    Wow. I hope they figure this out soon. Always risky launching before a holiday, less support available. :(
  • RJ03RJ03 Posts: 67
    its working here
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