Where are the AQ/Goldpool Shutdown Rewards

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We were told on the forums that we would be receiving stuff early this week. It is almost Thursday and still nothing. We got moved back over 200 spots in AQ because of the shutdown. It also has had problems numerous times since but nothing since the big blackout during Goldpool arenas.

@Kabam Miike When will these be coming? Any update?


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    "Hey Summoners, we are happy to report that the game is now back up. We will be continuing to closely monitor stability. We apologize for how long it took to get things back up and running, and appreciate everyone's patience. As previously mentioned, we will be assessing the full impact and start discussion regarding what compensation will look like early next week."

    That was from Tenebrous - it doesn't mean the compensation is coming this week, but that the discussion started this week.
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    Hi Cranmer00,

    As previously mentioned, were set to start conversations early this week. Our Team has started these discussions and we are taking the time to consider many factors and how this affected all Summoners. You can join the current topic on this discussion here. We do thank you for your patience.
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