Anyone having less and less success with hulk stunning his opponents

This last AQ was tougher than usual. Hulks hitting weaker and his stun percentage is really low...

When in the past it would say 10% for a crit we would land 100 attacks and get less than a handful but the comp with the same champ and same percent would get near 100%..... now with a stun being at 85% why is it I can go a whole section of AQ without a single stun? That’s ridiculous and very shady kabaam.


  • PureLegendPureLegend Posts: 25
    That sucks. Thor does massive damage; kind of useless without parry, heavy, and stun just like hulk
  • HarvesterSorr0wHarvesterSorr0w Posts: 112
    Yes. I have a thread stating the same thing about OG Thor and his SP-1. It's been since the update. No response on it, and it's ridiculous.
  • CaramesCarames Posts: 270
    I haven't had any problems using Hulk
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