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New Magik L2 Bug? No power steal?

Shroud1969Shroud1969 Posts: 76
edited July 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
I have a 4* Magik at 5/50 - I don't use her a bunch but have noticed since 19.0 her L2 is power-locking but not power-draining. The first time I noticed this I didn't think anything about it. The second time was in arena - no node buffs vs. a vanilla champ. Champ in question had 2 bars of power and nada.

Anyone else?

Edit: Power Steal on L2 not Power Drain ;-)


  • ShadPrinceShadPrince Posts: 840 ★★★
    Nope, my magik works just fine, took her through Uncollected today

    Any instances of potential AAR that you can think of that could've stopped the power steal?
  • Shroud1969Shroud1969 Posts: 76
    Could have been AAR - I couldn't remember who the champ was - I thought it was Hyperion.

    I'll do more testing. Thanks!
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