Latest MCOC update messes with IOS. Lots.

DannyJayyDannyJayy Posts: 17
edited July 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
If you have MCOC installed on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and your phone is being buggy, plug it into a laptop, open iTunes and do a hard restart (to activate recovery screen). You'll most likely get a message saying that the phone needs to be updated. Even if it was updated yesterday, you're likely to get this message. So I updated my phone, removed MCOC, and no problems. Re-install MCOC, play the game, bugs return, repeat above procedure, and you're likely to get the same "needs to be updated" message. So yeah. MCOC seems to be doing weird things with IOS. Makes my iPhone freeze. Camera opens. Volume goes up for no reason. Some apps won't open at all, others will but then just freeze up. Still others open but operate sloooooowly.


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