The Current Status of the Game

I know I may get banned for this but I feel like it is absolutely necessary. Over a year ago I started an alliance. Our goal was to do map 5x5 and just rock that map in the hopes of ranking up some of our favourite champions. The alliance formed and we started from 0 war rating and brought that sucker up. WIthin two weeks of forming we were in Expert tier for AQ. We worked our buns off. We all came from alliances that promised 5x5 but couldn't come through on that. So we did that, and we did that well. We started climbing the rankings and last week we were in the 700s. We were so proud of ourselves, we were happy we were great.

Then AW came and punched us in the gut. We were stunned, how could our plan fail? How could we just get to these new mini bosses and all of a sudden lose precious resources? Diversity was going to be thrown out the window and that was taken back. Now we are finding that it really doesn't matter. The wallet is the way that you can win war? What was so bad with two teams going toe to toe and clearing the map? It felt good, it felt fun. We didn't see it as we were beating your map. We felt like we had out planned, out thought, out played the other alliance. And if we lost we knew they felt the same way. Now I am not saying the map isn't beatable it is, but at what cost? My credit card? I don't think so.

Then the current 19.0 release happened and all of a sudden massive overheating, phones shutting off. People in my alliance and me also wanting to throw a Randy Johnson type of fastball with our phones through the wall for resets, and lost progress in AQ and AW. The check connection icon will come up and then when the screen comes back. You are down half your health and the enemy is showing and at full health. No continue fight option like when you are in arena.

Then the blow to the solar plexus, we after all our hard work were busted down to Normal tier in AQ? All the milestones were gathered before the first mini bosses were fell in our three BG. Good thing we checked what map we were playing, as we were on map 2 and the officer changed it to map 5. After day one we had no other choice for the fact of device over heating, restarts and such to play free maps? I mean this is one of the first times in recent memory that you have not bothered to reset AQ or even put it on pause until we can have some sort of fix.

Do you not care about the Kabam name? I mean you guys have made so much money off of a mobile game. I am no expert, but maybe the most in recent history? You had a formula of creating a fun and engaging game. And now we are barely holding onto the fun.

So now, our alliance is now going to go into a retirement mode. We need you to please take all concerns and make the contest great again. We need you to make it MARVELlous! A lot of us have been playing since the inception of the game, we use this game as a fun distraction. To come in and play with 29 other people that we actually like being around. Who would have thought that the current status of the game would change that? We didn't.......

We hope you return to your former glory. Not talking pre 12.0 but some where between 19 and 14 at the very least.


  • SixateSixate Posts: 62
    Total agreement couldn't have said it better! I've lost 4 players in the last month and nobody has any drive anymore to play it's really sad because these guys and gals are my freinds.
  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 485 ★★★
    This has been an unbelievable comedy of errors since the outage. I can survive technical errors like server problems, but Kabam has an astonishing number of self-inflicted wounds since then. Not thinking through the response to diversity changes (on two weeks notice...), being completely silent about this ongoing cluster-f*** of an AQ, refusing to adjust glory store prices, and refusing to adjust the start of war season...every one of these actions has been to kabam's benefit, the players' detriment, or both.
  • AbsimiliardAbsimiliard Posts: 31
    It really depresses me to play lately. I bought into the 4th of July deals and got a 4* Corvus Glaive that I maxed and awakened and have been having a blast playing with him. Kabam has really been making a lot of bad decisions lately and it really hurts because I love playing this game and don't mind spending money on it. I really don't know what more can be said about it, but if something doesn't get fixed, it might very well be time for me to drop this game.
  • KillSwitchKillSwitch Posts: 159 ★★
    Game has been in steep decline over the past few months and doesn't appear to be on the rebound any time soon :(
  • NDK13NDK13 Posts: 620 ★★
    Dear OP kabam doesn't care. Their company's name is now literally a meme for screwing up. Just look around the forum people say I got kabamed everywhere be it in game line or in the forum's as long as you pay you're in their good books. Look at their compensation and their screw ups. Wait for a **** summoner appreciation month.
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