Whom to level? Noob help me please

Please help me chooose.... I'm a noob...


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    Hard time posting pictures
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    Thanks for the patient in my difficulty with posting this thread. Thanks for your advice in advance.
  • Gwenpool definitely
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    Gwenpool. After that, Quake
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    Her heavy charge can deal damage without touching the opponent.

    On which opponent though?
    All especially those with Mystic Dispersion masteries on. So, she is useful against Magik, Juggernaut, and even Hyperion.

    She has Concussion that comes together in Aftershock (obtained from her heavy charge). Concussion will reduce opponent's Ability Accuracy (both offence and defence) by 100%.

    Concussion will NOT allow Magik's limbo, Juggernaut's unstoppable to activate. Same goes to any evasion (except Mordo's astral evasion for some unknown reasons).

    Who next after I rank up Quake?
    Easy. Gwenpool because of her bleed ability. Stack more than 5 of those and the opponent is literally waiting to die.
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    Gwenpool, hood, quake in that order imo
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    Gwenpool, she is probably the best skill champ currently...
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    LOL, wtf? your joking right? its hard to tell sarcasm in text.
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    Lol, my mistake, hahahaha
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    Quake is a great champ, but GP is the answer, particularly for someone who is newer to the game. Quake is a different champ, and has a great many uses. But for just going in and winning a fight, few are better than GP. Only downside is fighting non-bleeders.
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    GwenPool. Requires less to learn how to play her than Quake.

    Dr. Zola
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