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  • Blade is just fine as is and he has his place in the game. IMO he has more utility than most but is not this be all end all King of Kings. In AW I've seen some very smart defender placement that if you took Blade Trinity in it wouldn't have ended well for you.
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    That's your opinion but only at R2, is not a good evaluation of him. I have him at 4*R5 dupped and 5*R4 not dupped and on his own he is amazing, even undupped, power gain from bleed, regen, bleed from perry, a devastating sp2 even when blocked. That's alone.

    I use feel the same about my AA, but once I learned how to play him, I found out he is deserving of the God Tier tittle. Same with Blade, have to know his rotations and where he best shines and a R2 5* is not showing half the potential, I mean with the GR synergy I was able to disable the uncollected YJ's power sting, not the inf. one but the one he puts on u if u mess up the dodge. Im about to take mine to R5 , thats if I don't get a 6* Corvis which will be auto R2 if I do get him.
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    There’s no longer a champ in the game that can do everything. SW once was that.

    Blade is great in some scenarios, but not all. The same is true for any of the top champs these days.
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    Synergy is part of what makes him GR and SS the best trio to have on a roster for almost everything. He is really good on his own and so are SS and GR but when you put them together and use all the counters to your advantage it solves most any problem you can encounter. Im just happy that the trio has not been changed over time because it is a lot of fun to use!
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    but his name is no menacing....

    no really he's above average, and he has the capability of doing what no other champions can do and that is mitigate some of the most unique challenges in the game.
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    Lets all face it Blade is pretty overrated, people act like he can do so much on his own. When in reality he can't without his synergies his danger sense only activates against like 3 or 4 champs and even then this.countering isn't even reliable as he only lowers ability accuracy by 45%. His regen just has you ending up taking equal or more block damage when you try to use it in higher up content. His perfect block bleed is.pretty short, his l1 bleeds are longer but have average or maybe even below average damage, and his sp2 bleeds are really short. Yes he is good an all but lets face it he isnt the one man army people act like he is, he needs those Syngeries to be as good as he is actually perceived.

    And before people go "I bet you don't actually have him" yes i do as a 5* Duped and at r2. Just waiting on the current elusive t4 skill cats to rank him to r3.

    I never understood why people called him the best, I personally take in medusa and stark way more than I do him. Those are my two favorite champs by the way I could take them anywhere and they would do great. 3rd is iceman.

    Medusa and SS against Dorm? I’m sure you’ll try to make seem like they’re viable, but they’re really not.

    Actually, SS is very viable against Dorm.
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    I support threads like this. We should all downplay Blade (even though he's the best) more often so as to divert any unwanted attention from Kabam away from him. Carry on.
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    Blade has his place like others, and is not the end all of champs but can do a lot. I completed a run of LOL with him, made champs like Abom, Magik, Venom, and Maestro fairly easy to deal with, but champs like OML, UC, Colossus, and WM were extremely difficult and long fights. In AW he wrecks because most of the good defenders are villians so with GR synergy it makes them easy to clear, no matter the node.
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