New money maker champs

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My Ultron has 23k base health and he regens 6152 health twice per fight that makes 35,559 HP champ. I haven't taken any major block damage just the critical failure debuff was enough to kill him. Since Ultron is Tech class and surely has class advantage over Mutant Domino. How do you think we're going to approach with your newly implemented buff/debuff champs while the old champs remain the same? Even some new champs are negating our mastery abilities.


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    i just gor ripped out by an iceman 5* r5 taking 11k health from my champs with his coldsnap at the start of the fight it's even funny i have whillpower ..
    Energy damage must be kept under control at some maximum 5k per tick or something it's crazy when you are facing a champ with 10k attaque total pay2win
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    wait to face her in wars
  • DeXtErABRDeXtErABR Posts: 10
    Yep. Like IMIW generating more money than ever. Kabam developers are so busy these days to count the dollars that they messed up with the whole game (AQ, AW, even the game server) :D:D
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