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Sipdy miles marvel

I duped spidy miles from phc...is he worth r5 after duping?? I heard he is a good defender with high sig


  • brucef8bringerbrucef8bringer Posts: 93
    his sig is for venom blast which doesn't activate very often even with high sig. he still evades a lot and can be a pain to fight
  • StoyvensenStoyvensen Posts: 47
    He is a decent defender. If you are struggling on the defensive side, its not a terrible idea to rank Miles.
  • rowsbeerowsbee Posts: 41
    I hate playing him offensively but he has served me very well on defense. Granted I've only been playing the game for 6 weeks but I managed to get a 4* within the first two weeks from a PHC and have been using him as my alliance war boss ever since. Mine is still only R2, takes forever to get gold and ISO to rank.
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