Act 4

Can someone tell me what is the best roster to put together to complete act 4


  • SDAATRSDAATR Posts: 70
    I did it with duped Wolvie & GP and unduped Vision,SW & Classic Spidey ( all 4/40 ).
  • DoonxDoonx Posts: 108
    Regen champs 👍
  • DoonxDoonx Posts: 108
    Blade can solo Act 4 👍
  • AnthinhoAnthinho Posts: 210
    Can we see ur champs
  • Neviah2104Neviah2104 Posts: 20
    @Anthinho i've got 4 star : vision (duped), drax (duped), dr voodoo, civil warrior (duped), hulk, daredevil (netflix), winter soldier, scarlet witch , red hulk,
    5 stars : iron patriot and ant man. Yes i got fully screwed over by kabam
    All the 4 stars are 4/40
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,716 ★★★★
    5 stars at rank 1 or 2? Actually it doesn't matter, don't use either of them. In my opinion use DV drax hulk and rhulk WS. Drax hulk and rhulk have great damage and WS has decent debuff damage.
    SW kinda useless unduped
    Power control not needed since no sp3 activated so vision not needed.
    Maybe use a different team for maestro(since sp3 is activated for all fights i think). Replace DV with vision and try to go through all fights using him and WS and leave hulk, rhulk and drax to fight maestro
  • KillerRino19KillerRino19 Posts: 285
    take vision, rulk, voodoo, hulk and ws. Replace ws with Scarlet if she is duped
  • jay_denjay_den Posts: 63
    I finished act 4 long way back before they nerfed Dr Strange. I used Dr Strange, Daredevil OG, Capt Marvel, Magik and Starlord.. all 4* duped, rank 4 (only Daredevil OG was rank 5). Now there are plenty of options and more powerful champs available.
  • BobomanBoboman Posts: 674
    Doonx wrote: »
    Blade can solo Act 4 👍

    He can't solo it I've tired
  • KillerRino19KillerRino19 Posts: 285
    You can do act 4 with any team if you play decent and the game works, act 4 isnt very hard it just consumes a lot of energy
  • DoctorofEvilDoctorofEvil Posts: 211
    5 four star 4/40's will suffice, but having one or two 5/50s or rank 3 five stars makes it easier.

    One champ should be poison immune for some of the content, 1-2 champs should have regeneration for other content, one should have power control and the other 1-2 great damage.

    I did it with AA (decapitated Maestro), X-23 (healed her way through a couple of chapters), Hulk (Immune), Stark SM (damage) and GP (damage).
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