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MCOC headed in the right direction so far or not?

Hello fellow community, as a avid player of the game for many years I have seen a lot of good things and negative things in the game in that time frame. As a fellow supporter of the game and being a loyal member of our community I was wanting to take a simple poll on if you have a positive feeling towards how the game is heading or a negative feeling on the way the game has involved. This poll I hope would give helpful feedback from the community to the developers to help improve, fix or just keep things chugging along because it’s been all great. Please vote on the poll and leave your feedback, keep the comments civilized and clean and no hate please....if there’s a issue that needs to be addressed in your eyes just leave it as a comment and don’t forget to vote. This is a poll for the game in general and the votes and comments I believe would be beneficial to the developers brought to them from us the community.

MCOC headed in the right direction so far or not? 76 votes

The structure of MCOC so far has been awesome and I as a player am very happy.
9% 7 votes
The structure of MCOC so far has been lacking and need more work and improvements as time goes on.
81% 62 votes
Undecided, not sure.
9% 7 votes


  • Feel free to leave a comment on what you would like to see as in improvements, suggestions and advice. This is a great way to get everyone’s input on the subject and can be used as a tool to help the game developers.
  • This poll follows the fourm rules and should remain up and active, can be a useful tool that can be used in the future.
  • RedBaron99RedBaron99 Posts: 45
    Over the last month and a bit, have seen 16 friends leave the game as they are simply fed up with it. Suspect I am not alone in that happening.

    Absolute shambles.
  • TheKiryuTheKiryu Posts: 251 ★★★★
    High end players need something to play for.

    Anyone who plays remotely high end game has absolutely nothing to do.

    Been over a year since lol has been explored. Act5 long fine.

    New monthly content is easy and boring.

    Only fun was aw while in season but that is not enough, not to mention season has been delayed anyways.

    Feels like some sort of vacation mode.
    Losing interest to log in fast.
  • MyselfandiMyselfandi Posts: 165
    I'm in the middle. 4*s no longer interest me and 6*s are ages away.
  • PaddiePaddie Posts: 28
    The game is eating itself and a catastrophic collapse is on its way soon.

    From a player perspective it seems like the continual adding of features, characters etc constantly whilst not putting the back up / foundation is like a big jenga tower... it’s getting higher and higher but eventually Kabam will push their luck and it’ll all fall down in a big mess.

    New features not working, game outages, the game overtly damaging players’ devices if they play for longer than a few fights, hiking prices for offers... seems like soon after all these things adding up, multiplying, affecting each other... something will be straw that breaks the camel’s back and we’ll have no game anymore
  • shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,243 ★★★★★
    Once there was a time when mcoc was moving in the right direction but now it just seems that they took a wrong turn and need to find their way back on the correct path
  • Animejay70Animejay70 Posts: 400 ★★★
    I've done all endgame content except for LOL exploration (did initial run, but RNG hasn't been kind for a utility clearer).
    NOt much to do honestly.

    Rewards need updating for challenges and the like. For Endgame players even 4* are mostly obsolete. Need more 5* & 6* shards, t2a, and even better access to t1a.
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,419 ★★★★
    Over the past 6 months, I personally faced 3 active and prospering alliances suddenly came to a halt and went death within 1-2 weeks each, and saw >15 of active players stopped playing and quited the game. I was forced to move to other alliances too bcos former alliances are dead.
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,776 ★★★★
    this has been the worst month in the history of the game for me personally and I don't even have an iphone. I feel the pain of everyone who does though and it's quite frustrating. As a group who used to be able to 100% 3 map 5's every day, we're struggling right now. Peoples phones are crashing mid fights. Can't recover and die. What good does 30 minute timers do if no one can get past the first or second section.

    what they should do is just stop and halt everything. They are doing this to an extent, but close the game, make a big ole announcement when they come back with a huge compensation package over the course of a 7 day calendar with each day giving out massive rewards, and put this to rest.
  • JRock808JRock808 Posts: 1,149 ★★★★
    The culture of Kabam is killing this game. I’m sure they have many talented employees, but the public face, the decisions, the support and service is left seriously wanting.

    From insane champ designs to content rebalancing, knee-jerk reactions made with no testing or feedback, leaving us as paying beta testers, and the atrocious attitude of the mods in giving (mis)information with no accountability is going to bring the game down, not the art, or animations or story content. It’s all from the top, and I really hope they see it before it is too late.
  • Myselfandi wrote: »
    I'm in the middle. 4*s no longer interest me and 6*s are ages away.

    Yes, I totally agree with the 4* champions....at one time they was the champs to have and was excited to get and level up, and the inclusion of the 5* champions wasn’t bad...they didn’t seem out of reach and felt good to have a few good ones in your team roster. Since the 6* champions was released it seems very hard to even get one, and a good one at that. Shame the 4* are now becoming the new 3*...they still serve a purpose, but not as nearly as they use to. I would be all hyped up to have a few 4* crystals to open up at one time....now, it’s just like opening 3* champions nowadays. I feel they should of waited awhile for the 6* champions and let everyone have a chance to build there 5* champs up.
  • RedBaron99 wrote: »
    Over the last month and a bit, have seen 16 friends leave the game as they are simply fed up with it. Suspect I am not alone in that happening.

    Absolute shambles.
    I had a few friends that I played in alliances with since the start of the game...over the past month they played less and quit playing all together. I reached out to a few and stay in contact with them, they just seem that the game has went through a radical change recently and there’s no reason to continue on or put the time in. They have now started to play another game of the same nature and stated that they are much happier with it. It’s really a shame, Miss players that I seen grown in the game just pick up and leave because of the recent changes. I would like to see the old timers come back and feel important after all the grinding they had to do back when the game was still new.
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