Now that the overheating issue is fixed... can we talk about compensation?



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    2* Ghost for everyone!! :D:D
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    As an iOS user that have suffered the same problem as android user had and still are then I can say without a doubt that I fully understand. But you also must understand that the game is best suited for iOS. I think it’s an hardware heavy game type and apple is much into hardware stuff. Perhaps buy iPhone6 for mcoc only while still keeping your android for other stuff? @UltimateDamnation
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    They will offer very little in compensation and if they wait long enough, most ppl will be satisfied with what little they compensate and ppl will continue to spend and spend. Kabam has gotten progressively worse since the 12.0 fiasco and they’ve done little to change that perception.
  • OVERHEATING IS NOT FIXED. I never had any overheating issues. I have an iPhone X top of the line model. Since the update to fix over heating got installed LAST NIGHT. My phone is now over heating.
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    Uhm, newbie here, what is summoner appreciation?
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    Those compensations cant be even near the compensations from 12.0 fiasko. We are talking about our devices getting nearly broker here. We payed hunderds, thousands of dollars for our devices and they got nearly rekt by this. This is full month of not doing any arenas and etc, i had plans for legend run for example and got ruined by this... Cmon be realistic, we need to be “highly appreciated” for our patience
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    My thoughts: 5* crystal, 5* AG, full energy refills, and various potions/boosts/etc.

    I am a high level player, but I do believe these items should be given out to everyone across the board, no more tier compensation as this issue affected everyone.
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    I see a lot of people saying this issue was worse than 12.0 and thus warrants greater compensation. While I partially agree with this, I do not completely agree. It was worse than 12.0, but not in the same way. This issue has destroyed many peoples devices and probably will cost people a lot of money in the long run with having to get new devices and such. However, it has not effected any champs or the way we play the game. Thus I think that as bad as this issue was it does not warrant RDT or awakening gems. It does warrant a very large compensation in the form of shards, units, gold, iso, catalysts etc. Having said that, I think it would be a great act of generosity from Kabam if they did consider giving out some kind of rare or hard to obtain reward like a 5* awakening gem to show us that they understand how frustrating this issue has been for us players. Essentially I think it is hard to compare the issues from 19.0 to the issues from 12.0 seeing as they really are two completely different scenarios, however, I do agree that the compensation for the 19.0 issue should be much much larger.
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    There is no way that they will possibly come close to making up for the lost shards I missed from not being able to grind arena like normal.
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    Hi all,

    We are still monitoring the performance of the update at the moment, to make sure that it is solving the problem and that that is our focus right now. Once we know that the issue has been addressed, then we will begin having conversations about compensation. We will also need some time to assess the full impact this has had on players. But right now, our focus is to make sure the update is performing correctly.
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