Infinity dungeons are coming back... yay...



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    I think bringing dungeons back shows a lot of what a high number of people say: this company is either out of touch with the playing community, or doesn't really care about our thoughts. Maybe they have data showing people really liked them, but with all the discord over them last time and people saying they were terrible well after the event, I don't know what to think. I just wish they would communicate with us better.

    I for one am very happy they don’t listen to whoever screams the loudest. That would kill the game and pretty fast. The dungeons need some improvements for sure, but I loved being able to play with old friends and with my bf. My bf liked them a lot too. For two different reasons, one being the ingame part playing with me (he did not like them much with people not in the same room) the second being that I started to take over the morning feedings from our child, to be able to watch bg and try to do dungeons with him.

    Anyway, as long as they keep improving the stuff that needed improvement, I would love it if it where a permanent feature.

    That's really awesome that it works for you, and I actually like hearing stories like this. It makes it much better than hearing all the doom and gloom that is all over the place. I still believe they could do a much better job of listening to the player base and communicating though. Regardless of all that, I'm happy that y'all are able to play together and enjoy gaming together. That's really awesome. Best of luck on everything!

    I do think they should listen to the sugested improvements. However, with all the doom and gloom, it gets hard to find constructive feedback about them. Which has me afraid they won’t be improved. And they really have so so much room for improvement.
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