Heating Issues

Looks like they are back with the new update.


  • WC303WC303 Posts: 88
    Overheating is definitely back. It isn’t as bad as it was with the 19.0 update, but it’s worse than it was after the hotfix. My iPhone X started heating up as soon as I opened the game after this 19.1 update. Get on it, please, Kabam. @Kabam Miike
  • DanbambamDanbambam Posts: 27
    Yep. It's ba-aaaack! Overheating and and the checking and stuttering that comes with it.
    My iPhone 6S Plus running the latest release for both ios and the game are getting really hot and buggy, but just like WC (really? Water closet???)303 said, not as bad as things were before the hot fix.
    @Ad0ra_, @Kabam Wolf, @Kabam Vydious, please, pass it on to the devs.
  • Hey All,

    We're keeping a very close eye on the performance of 19.1. Can you please post the requested information in the Platform specific threads at the top of the Bugs and Known Issues Forum?

    This is the one for Android.

    This is the one for iOS
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