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Kabam you said that we will be getting compensation over the 19.0 overheating and crashing issues.
Are we getting compensation or arnt we?
If we do get Compensation it needs to be at least 5000 5* shards because people had to replace there phones.


  • Iron_spider1Iron_spider1 Posts: 257
    Also a 4 star awakening gem wouldn't hurt
  • buttersbutters Posts: 116
    AND a partridge in a pear tree!
    Yep I'm pretty sure i've wrecked my phone due to the game, my fault for playing when hot. Battery life has changed now.
  • _Capt_America_Capt_America Posts: 10
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    Why haven’t we gotten compensation anyways??
  • Iron_spider1Iron_spider1 Posts: 257
    Tag evr
    Markg25 wrote: »
    I’ll be peeved I’d if I get a 4* AG 😡😡😡

    5* awakening gem minimal as the game has moved forward a lot since patch 12.0 when these where last given out ...

    4* are dated for most, but that should that should be taken into consideration @Kabam Miike one of each would be good.

    We need this Refils / 5* shards / asap as people are getting fed up !!!! ( myself included )

    Hopefully it comes though this year 💤💤💤

    Still waiting for my rewards from Sunday’s arenas 🙄

    Tag every mod in the forum nothing will work they will send you a personal message saying their first priority is now to fix the game (obviously) and the would say that "compensation" will be discussed after the problem get resolved but as you know the problem won't be resolved and there would be no compensation
  • WerewrymWerewrym Posts: 2,830 ★★★★★
    It's really hard to say at this point what is going to happen... Kabam has said they will put together a compensation package once they are comfortable with the fixes that they have made to the game. However, it is impossible to say when this may be, or if it will actually ever happen. I wonder myself if the game will ever be in a state where Kabam is "comfortable" with how it is running... The bugs they've introduced recently seem to be recurring quite frequently now.
  • Avengers320Avengers320 Posts: 684 ★★★
    I think Kabam should give different Compensation for different players of skill
    Something like this
    begginer (Act 1-2): 3000, 3 star shards, 1000 4 star shards 1000 5 star shards, 3 energy refills, 5 lvl 4 team hp potions, 3 lvl 2 team revives

    Intermidiate (Act 3): 1500 4 star shards, 3000 5 star shards, 5 energy refills, 6 lvl 4 team hp potions, 4 lvl 3 team revives

    Skilled (Act 4-uncollected) 3000 4 star shards, 7000 5 star shards, 8 energy refills, 7 lvl 4 team potions, 5 lvl 3 team revives

    Proffesionals (Uncollected and beyond) 5000 4 star shards, 1 5 star crystals, 10 energy refills, 10 lvl 4 team potions, 8 lvl 3 team revives

    This way people can actually get things that they need in their current state of the game.
  • Iron_spider1Iron_spider1 Posts: 257
    @Avengers320 that's the max compensation we are talking about? I think as days pass we forget the impact the bugs had in our life..
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    The matter is when will the compensation is given out?

    I don't think Kabam really gets it. They keep saying they will do calculations with the impact when everything's fixed but when it's fixed a lot of people would have left the game or got used to playing much less.
    THIS is the perfect time for compensation, when posts like this has been brought up A LOT of times, people are frustrated, can't you see? Compensation is meant to be given out when people are BEING stressed by the fauty games, not when it's over, and like any other compensation people will always want more. So what's the point of giving compensation 1 month later? And what if this overheating thing never ends? I'm fed up with this, do they give more f*** about some in-game value of some shards more than their customers' feelings? Cuz it seems so.
    P/S: Keep doing your "impact calculations" for another month, many of us won't be here to give a dang when it's finally given out. And, the game now is lag as hell.
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