Please stop hacked versions.

One of my friend living near me is playing hacked version(one hit kill + god mod) of marvel contest of champions. Please stop this thing as those who play hacked versions will get good champions fast and many who play fair game will have to struggle. He is now completing the releam of legends and will get 3 4*champinons today itself by one hit kill mod. He is completing ROL by 2 or 3 star champions which is very much difficult for beginner. So, please stop these hacked versions and bann the ids of those who play hack. My friends id username in game - Super Granth. 4 star iceman on his top champion. Please do something for this otherwise we who play fair game will not get justice.
Thank You.


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    These accounts tend to get banned quickly. Report any suspicious accounts and move on. Kabam has a refreshingly low tolerance for this kind of thing.
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    With friends like you, who needs enemies?
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    Ib4 lock.

    Also, props to OP.
  • Hello Atharva111,

    If you feel you have come across someone that may be using cheats, please report this by contacting the Support Team.

    Contacting support:
    From the Main screen, tap the grey gear icon in the top left corner of the screen. From there, tap on the button that says “Support”.

    Thanks so much for helping us out by reporting any actions you see that may be a violation of our Terms of Service!
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