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7,500 prestige looking for gold1/map3

I am a 7,500 prestige, super active player. I can clear any path on aq/aw. And have no problem with minibosses.

Looking for a map3/gold 1 alliance.
Reason for that is because I will be on vacation from August 23-27.
During my vacation, I will be able to place defenders, but as far as clearing. Path 8 seems to be the only path that would allow me to help the alliance.

Looking for map3 because I wont be able to reliably help with map 5.

Please leave your line ID here if you think you have a spot for me.


  • StauntonStaunton Posts: 795
    Add me
  • MaylieqprMaylieqpr Posts: 37
  • Badboyboo wrote: »
    Add me

  • Maylieqpr wrote: »

    I'm sorry buddy, looks like your aw rating is ~1,000.
    I dont think you guys are close to gold this season. Thanks for reaching out though.
  • Line id: Ragingtiger.
    Gold 1. 1823 rating. 35553.
    Alliance name: Art of War
  • Line id: Ragingtiger.
    Gold 1. 1823 rating. 35553.
    Alliance name: Art of War

    Couldn't find you in line. Ragingtiger not found.
    Also tried ragingtiger91 but nothing
  • NosiemNosiem Posts: 133
    Let me know if you're still looking: "nosiem" in-game
  • Jmc6161Jmc6161 Posts: 38
    If you’re still looking, in game I’m Frans jason. Another officer is Samureye. Line ID is jmc6161
  • Add - line Utpal219273 if still available
  • gc2782gc2782 Posts: 6
    hey, in game and line ID gc2782 if you're still looking.
  • jaysonjayson Posts: 19
    Lineid: @jaysonng
    alliance tag: InfVg

    Map4 AQ
    Tier 4 AW (close to tier 3).

    check us out. we got a spot open as someone needs to leave for personal reasons.

    we do however require Telegram Messenger for chat.

    thanks bud.
  • Line I'd - devraj_90
    In game - devraj123
    Currently in aw - gold 1.
    Aq we play 5x5 but if you are looking for map 3 only for a week and are ok w map 5 we can probably still work something out
    Reach out to me
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