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I don't really understand. I've played this game over 2 years. It's never been this bad. Constant lagging. Constant crashes. Constant maintenance. How can you kabam expect ppl to be able to play consistently enough to win wars and complete objectives ppl set out to do. I don't even care about compensation personally. I just want a game to work and not be broken. All of these issues have already affected war season 3 and we're not even a week into it. Maybe you guys at kabam should stop adding new content to the game every other week or changing things to the game until it is running properly. There's no reason a game should crash 4 times in one day. Let alone be lagging all week. Ive had connection problems for almost 2 weeks everyday. It just doesn't make logical sense to add new content to a game which creates even more bugs and problems with the game. I'm sure it's all about money and contractual agreement with marvel but it shouldn't be that way. It's getting old with all these issues.


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    @Kabam Miike I think just being honest with ppl as far as the situation you are dealing with trying to fix the game would go a long way with ppl. We have ppl dying in war bc the game crashes mid fight or it lags so bad they die. I'm not one to complain it's my 1st post ever on these forums. This stuff is just getting out of hand.
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    Terry, give it up. They really dont care , as long as you spend money - thats the main point.
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    It's never been this bad. Not only is it causing problems for the individual user it's causing problems within the alliance. People that aren't having problems don't understand why people that are struggling aren't contributing more.
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