Why Not?

Rank down tickets,

Before everyone trolls me, please finish reading. I know that Kabam has stated that they will not be issuing Generic Rank Down Tickets again. Also, that they only way they would be issuing Rank Down Tickets would be if there were a significant change to a hero that warranted. However, we all know that buffs and nerfs come without tickets.

I don’t see what is the big deal. Kabam has stated that they want players to “try new/different” champs. They changed the Mastery system to allow for easier changes. Encouraging players to try different sets and set-ups. You still have to earn/acquire the materials to unlock the Masteries however.

What I don’t understand is how Rank Down Tickets are different. You’re encouraging people to try new heroes.

First off, we are all subject the the “Crystal System”. You have no choice in what specific hero, class, or anything that you get. The system seems to reward spenders and be a complete luck draw for everyone else (I apparently have terrible luck).

Secondly, are we supposed to hold all of our resources until we receive a champ “worthy” of being ranked? We still, again, have to earn all of the materials to rank them in the first place.

Maybe you ranked Ant-man, Superior Iron Man, or Miles because that was who you had at the time. Then you pulled Luke Cage. He was on sub-par with the other heroes at the time. Then all of the sudden Luke gets buffed. Now you have Miles sitting ranked higher than he should be and can not get more tier 2 alphas to rank Luke.

I know that they used Different Class ISO and tier 4 Class Catalysts to Rank, but they used the same tier 4 Basics and tier 2 Alphas. Why does Kabam act like there is a finite amount of resources. These aren’t bitcoins. The value of an in game item is not based on there being a set number of the items. The value is based on its effective use on higher ranked heroes.

Every time there is an outage, people start screaming Rank Down Tickets. Rather than make them a unicorn, why not put them in the item store. What’s the worst thing that can happen?


  • Kolbyg64Kolbyg64 Posts: 2
    Rank 5 your 5* antman!
  • RaganatorRaganator Posts: 1,919 ★★★★★
    Kolbyg64 wrote: »
    Rank 5 your 5* antman!

    DO IT!
  • This is just like every post.
    You are supposed to take a decision before ranking up any champion. RDT's would just change that concept, which isn't what is intended.
    If a champion gets nerfed or reworked (not a buff rework), they will give specific RDT's for that champion. Other than that, no.
  • But you did ... You even asked for them to be in the item store ...
  • WWIDBWWIDB Posts: 44
    Omg... not another RDT thread.

    1. Kabam does not reward spenders, they just give them/us more opportunities to gain resources using units or $. I opened a ton a FGMs to get Blade on his release... I finally got rewarded, sure, but it cost me a bit

    2. Yes, hold your resources until you have a champ that is worthy of ranking. Don’t rank 4 a 5* just cause you have the t2alpahs. Don’t rank champs unless you want to. Let extra resources go bad it you need to.

    3. If you ranked a champ, accept it. Don’t live in regret hoping you could have LC at r4 instead of Antman. You made your decision, now live with it.
    Would you buy a house and then ask the bank to just give you back your money to buy a bigger house because suddenly you find your current house too small?

    4. RDTs are not something that should be given unless major changes are made to SPECIFIC CHAMPIONS, like with 12.0. They do not belong in the item store, and if they do, they should cost 50,000 unite so people have to either pay a lot or grind a lot to earn the right to rank down champions as they please.

    Clearly you made some bad ranking decisions and cannot get more resources to rank new champions. You need to grind or spend... either way, ENOUGH TALK ABOUT RDTS!
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    MiNdDrAiN wrote: »
    I’m sorry for starting a topic. Please close and delete. Didn’t meant to feed the trolls who didn’t actually read that I’m not asking for them

    You literally stated everything that has been asked before about RDT's.
    If you get RDT's on a regular basis, then the need to work for resources isn't there. You can just rank down when you need to and never have to work on content again.
    That's not how tge game is supposed to work. Masteries are a bit different than champs. It doesnt cost to reset but it does cost to reinvest which is different than what you are asking.
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