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Looking for a platinum 3 alliance that places top 250 in aq

My prestige is 7,159 and looking for an alliance that places top 250 in aq and plat 3 in war. I have tier 2 war experience


  • AmarjitranjitAmarjitranjit Posts: 8
    You can join our alliance man we are top 300 and platinum 3 alliance
  • SammyStoicescuSammyStoicescu Posts: 1,050
    Sir @Marceesmash21_
    Are you ok with this please see below who we are:

    PSG-1 (Pastor Sammy Gaming) USA California PCT
    An Alliance Hosted By Pastor Sammy, And An Official Part Of The SlycemGaming Alliance.
    The reason I started this relaxed alliance because I was getting burned out playing at high level running a full time business very hard to find time for the game. I want to have an alliance for high end players that still want to play without the pressure of logging in every 5 min.

    We Are Looking For Active Members At A Preferred Prestige Of 7000+ We’re running One week all map3 ( so ppl won’t get burned out)
    The alternative week all map5

    67k Gold
    15k BC
    7k loyalty

    Every week to go in line with 33333/55555
    One week map3
    One week map5

    The reason we go for high Prestige and map5 to get the fully formed t4cc ( no need for map6)


    For AW we’re pushing TO MOVE UP with no pressure ( right now we’re very low because we’re new ally). NO PRESSURE ON USING ITEMS IF YOU DIE IN AW, ALSO SUICIDES CAN STAY ON. I want you guys to have fun.
    Most of the guys that come here is to grind arena so they can finish LOL 100%
    So AQ/AW for them is just a bonus.
    MUST be active in AQ/AW very easy rewards.

    This Is A Pretty New Alliance And We're Looking For More Players To Start Progressing Through The Contest. Line App Is Mandatory.

    If You're Interested,
    Please Contact:

    Or our YouTube channel:

    Pastor Sammy -
    IGN: SammyStoicescu
    Line: SammyStoicescu
    Twitter: @SammyStoicescu

    PS: please give me at least 12hrs to reply, I promise I’ll get back to you ASAP...thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏
  • snapper77snapper77 Posts: 62
    My prestige is 7,159 and looking for an alliance that places top 250 in aq and plat 3 in war. I have tier 2 war experience

    Are you still looking ?

    We are 18 mill alliance middle of the pack platinum 3 top 200 in aq doing 5x5. We have no event mins.

    You can contact me on line my ID is snapper_77

    My in game name is snapper77
  • Gf-ad - this alliance is relaxed & casual... there aren't any event minimums, so you'll never have to worry about anyone hounding you about alliance event scores, everyone does their part & we get nice rewards for minimal effort, especially with peak milestones...

    AQ: 5x5 (never map 6) we placed 265 last round

    AW: Platinum 3 tier 4 currently

    Reach out to me on line devraj_90 or in game devraj123 if interested and still looking
  • Line tag Bdgoodrum
    IGN boss man BD
    Check us out and if you’re interested message me on line and we can go from there.
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