Buying unit

Why iOS doesn’t allow me to buy unit


  • Hi Barclays3377,

    What issue are you encountering when you are trying to purchase units? Are you getting any kind of message? Able to see the items to purchase?
  • AdiMukh555AdiMukh555 Posts: 756 ★★★
    lmao, usually Kabam doesn't replies to thread or if they do, it's a auto generated one
    but here, where the post is for their monetary benefit, reply came within 5 minutes.
    Great work Kabam
  • MateMate Posts: 25
    Although I understand the main priority of the game is to make money and thus replying to questions regarding the unit store, I do think they can make more of an effort to reply to questions regarding the gameplay.

    I have seen the past weeks, since I'm active on this forum, numerous interesting questions left unanswered by Kabam. But whenever there's a question abour real life money being spent on the game, as stated by AdiMukh555, Kabam replies within minutes.

    Again, making money is important to ensure the future of the battlerealm. However, it's not really pleasant for f2p players to see their threads being ignored or sporadically being auto-replied.

    I hope Kabam will put more work into this, in order to meet the needs of as many players as possible.
  • AdiMukh555AdiMukh555 Posts: 756 ★★★
    it just something we can hope for @Mate
    Kabam never did anything for f2p players and it's highly doubtful they'll ever do
  • AdiMukh555AdiMukh555 Posts: 756 ★★★
    I'm most probably gonna get warned again cuz of my latest comment
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