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Today's offer makes the July 4th offer look like the deal of a lifetime!

Really Kabam!? $1,000 valuation for a T5BC?




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    DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 18,660 Guardian
    I mean come on, it's a slap in the face to get a tenth of a tier 5 and some tier 4 fragments with the price of $99.99. So you're gonna buy some thing that will probably not get higher tier players anywhere, because they're overflowing with T4 cats, and the T5 fragments get no one anywhere. For lower tier players....Oh yeah, for lower tier players, I don't think they would buy fragments for the price of an Odin. Seriously Kabam, you need to think realistically. (I'm gonna get bars or flagged for that honest opinion, aren't I?)

    Perhaps it is worth considering that when so many of these offers appear to be useful to no one, and yet Kabam keeps putting them out, that perhaps that is because your guess that they are useful to no one is in error. I can get more T5 fragments fully exploring uncollected, but that takes hours. There are people out there that would spend a hundred dollars to skip a few hours grinding in a game because the time is worth more to them than the cash.

    In fact, if that were my only concern (it is not) then when I do the math the offer actually is worth it to me. I'm not buying it, but when I calculate the hours saved relative to the cost of 4500 fragments, I find that half the time spent on uncollected on a prorated basis is worth more to me than $99. I'm sure there are people out there who do the same calculation, get an even higher value, and have one or more zeros more disposable income, and pushed the button on the offer in a heartbeat.

    What that offer did was hand Kabam a hundred bucks, and in return those players with more money than hours in the day got a teeny tiny fraction of their next R5. And the rest of us don't really have to notice. It is one step away from simply asking rich people for a donation to keep the game running for the rest of us.
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    New_Noob168New_Noob168 Posts: 1,567 ★★★★
    They are just trying to see how many fools will take the bait and get caught on the hook
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    Terrible offer.
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    doctorbdoctorb Posts: 1,724 ★★★
    For all those complaining, I think kabam is doing a decent job. They r trying to walk a fine line between making this game too easy (people get bored quickly and quit) and making it too hard (people give up and quit).
    I, for one, would love to see more T5BC readily available but the simple fact is kabam is giving u more than u would b getting it u just bought the $99 offer alone. Who knows, maybe that 5* crystal may unlock the very hero u need.
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