Question about what is happening.

Noob2435Noob2435 Posts: 627 ★★★
So with the announcement of summoner appreciation week, a lot of questions have popped up. If I remember correctly you have done something like this in 2016 and 2017, now were you planning to do it again this year or only did it for compensation? That brings me to my next question is this summoner appreciation week compensation for all the issues that have been happening? Is it just part of the compensation, meaning there is more to come? If any mod can clear this up and give a clear answer that would be very much appreciated.


  • GruftyGrufty Posts: 186
    Being its the 10th anniversary, I was expecting summoner appreciation anyway so there's no way that this should be the compensation for all the troubles that we've had lately...
  • TostitozTostitoz Posts: 21
    Your compensation is getting an event that you would probably have gotten anyway. For new players and casual players, it’s a nice event I suppose. For veteran players, it’s meh. At least it’s only a week long this time so less chance of overheating your phone.
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