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Hey @Kabam Miike . Today when I was playing a dungeon suddenly the dungeon stopped responding and the opponent whom I ko'd was back there again. Then I wasn't able to move ahead in the dungeon. I went to home screen and tried again to go back to the dungeon but it redirected me to the home screen. I tried many times but nothing changed. I restarted the game and tried again but the same thing happened again and again. My partner finished the dungeon alone but I lost my best team cuz of this and if this happens then I won't be able to get dark artifacts. Hope u see to it.
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    I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but when I start a dungeon the game kicks me from the dungeon screen back to the home and then I’m stuck unable to help out my teammate. I will try to join back but the same thing happens over and over again. This has happened more than once and I’ve tried restarting th game multiple times and still end up with the same results. Plz help.
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    Same problem
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    The game crashed, and upon reopening it, I was unable to rejoin my dungeon party. I could still chat, but tapping on 'go' in the chat, or tapping 'continue' on the actual dungeon would only put me back to the main menu. So now I've lost my top champs, and I'm stuck waiting for the timer to run out. What GIVES, Kabam? Has this happened to anyone else in this 'new version' of dungeons? What will support do? My champs are just wasted, and I've let down the other player I'm matched with, because the game crashed?

    Edit to add: Now that the timer has run out, I didn't get any points for the dungeon either? What kind of **** is this?
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    This just happened to me on the second dungeon I played.
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    The exact same thing happened to me, I took out Electro with King Groot and when I beat him he reappeared with full health, a long with my King Groot, I couldn't move to fight Electro again and when I tried to exit and come back it would redirect me to the main menu. I made a video if that helps. Super frustrating as I used 3 great attackers for this dungeon.
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    Yep, same happened to me...partner then finished the boss and we moved on, but when the next map loaded, the app had selected three new champs! See my comments in pics below. You can’t tell, but my team in the second pic is completely different to the team I started with...

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    Hi all,

    We will pass along this information for investigation. If you have any additional details to share about the error that is always helpful. Thanks!
  • Ive just entered the dungeon with find me a partner... said found one.. then they disappeared and when i moved could not fight.. would not open . Earlier also wouldnt let me chat while in there aswell @Kabam Miike ... i see theres been issues and its been relaunched but this only happened 5 mins ago. Thank you :)
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    Just did dungeon room 6. In the first room, it froze and would not let me go to the first node. I exited, tried to re-enter but the game kept glitching back to the startup screen. I shut down the game, nothing. I tried going through chat- same thing.
    Kabam, please make your game work as intended. It is beyond frustrating.
    I took a video of it also not that I believe it will help.
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    Same thing happened with me directly room 2 for dungeon five the other player defeated the boss and I was stuck there and had to exit at last and just got 100 pts and my champs are in cool down this really sucks
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    @Kabam Lyra I have a video but it's format is not supported here. Due to that I can't post the video here
  • For some reason, my dungeon milestones refreshed, even though they were supposed to be over three days. It was supposed to be over three days, right?
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    So I started my morning off attempting to run a Dungeon 6 in which my partner immediately ran into a bug preventing them from fighting. We canceled the Dungeon and I spent 40 units to refresh my 4* R5 Domino.

    I begin Dungeon 6 again with Domino, Blade, and Ghost Rider. We complete Room 1 and while attempting to start Room 2, I encounter a pop up that says there was an error connecting with a reconnect button. Upon reconnecting my team is now Morningstar, Mephisto, and Spider-Man Stark Enhanced.

    All 6 champions were put on Cooldown and it ruined my dungeon experience a second time.

    There really needs to be a way to avoid the game putting champs on CD when it encounters an error. Words appropriate enough for this forum, cannot express how upset I am at my experience this morning.
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    For some reason, my dungeon milestones refreshed, even though they were supposed to be over three days. It was supposed to be over three days, right?

    Nah, it refreshes daily with 2 different classes
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    Same thing happened , I had 4* hyperion 5/50 I killed crossbones with him in the previous room,but when we hit the next room I see that happened, very very OP 2* ultron in dungeon 6 room 3..
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    I had exactly the same issue when running dungeons today, took a video and sent to support, wonder if i will get the milestones i missed or the champions refreshed
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    Before that i was in a dungeon had 800+ points in dung 4.. Then it froze.. We could go on in next room.. Then my champs where under cd and i didn't receive any points.. Disappointing...
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    Hey guys his is about a bug/whatever u guys call so has been seen in dungeon.when I placed my top 3 5* and tried to do dungeon 7 we (other partner) got in but..We were not able to move and to recheck I closed all the apps and restarted it once again I was not able even enter the dungeon.each time I click continue it would shut Me to the main screen

    Sry for long paragraph but this problem is going to cause me my champs to reload for 2 freaking days and I get no point..

    Plz check out guys
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Lyra
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    Guys atleast anyone reply
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    Guys atleast anyone reply

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    Same problem, kill the enemy on node 1-4 and after fight they reappear with full health. Cannot move and if you leave or restart game and button that’s supposed to put you back into the dungeon takes you to the home screen. Have to wait 1.5 days for my top 6 champs to refresh now, is anything going to be done about this?
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    Hi all! Thanks for the additional details and reports. We will pass it along to the team to help investigate the issue.
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    Kabam Lyra wrote: »
    Hi all! Thanks for the additional details and reports. We will pass it along to the team to help investigate the issue.

    Any news, because this just happened twice to my dungeons run, ruining it. Once to my partner and then to me.

    Didn't get points from either dungeon, this is getting ridiculous.
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    I finished taking down a Node in Dungeons and I kept press to go onto the next node and it wouldn't let me, so I restarted the app and tried again nothing and in the video I restarted the app again and it kept kicking back to the main menu.

    I have also posted about my Phone started to overheat from since I updated the app and no response to that from an adim...
  • I just had this issue as well. It wouldn’t even let me back into the dungeon after restarting my app. I play on a I phone 7s. I have included proof that I was able to still chat in the active dungeon but could not enter it fron the “fight” tab or the chat.
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    Three times I experienced the same problem while playing dungeon and now I've had enough.

    The dungeon bugs out and I can't attack the node in front of me. When I try to click it nothing happends. I tried to restart the game and reenter the dungeon, now I can't reenter the dungeon. When I push enter I end up on the start screen again. I even tried to go via the chat message. That also takes me to start screen.

    This bug cost me a lot of problems finishing dungeons and my champions are on cooldown eventhough I couldn't play.

    Please Kabam sort this out.

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