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Where are my Arena Rewards!?

Hunter557Hunter557 Posts: 1
edited July 2017 in Bugs and Known Issues
okay guys, there are a lot o bugs in the game here and there, but this is now the biggest of'em that's happened to me.

After scoring 1.5+ mil in "JACKPOT' arena, i did not received any rank rewards.

I am attaching screenshots too


Above image shows my score, and the one below shows i received no rank rewards.

Please look into the matter ASAP.


  • SubhamPalSubhamPal Posts: 3
    Same here i scored 1.05 million, didn't receive a rank or rewards...
  • Eelnats1Eelnats1 Posts: 66
    Same here. Come on kabam. Let us know what's happening
  • Convict1Convict1 Posts: 25
    Same here I got it for the 3* spiderman but not joe fixit I've had a lot of problems with the game crashing causing me to lose fights in arena and now this it's kinda of getting old .
  • Same 2.6mil
  • IgopoolIgopool Posts: 6
    Também não recebi minhas recompensas da arena! Onde estão kabam?
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