Alliance Quest Season 5: Kingpin's Conclave


The end of Dormammu’s Dominion is near, and the time has come to enter Kingpin’s Conclave!

You’ve all been facing off against Dormammu for over a year now, and though we have done some refreshes lately, it’s been about that long since we really overhauled what Alliance Quests are. That’s all about to change, because we’re introducing a whole slew of new features, and exciting updates to Alliance Quests!

Here’s a quick look at all of the changes that we’ve made with Season 5, with more details for each further below:

- We now have different Maps for different Battlegroups! Battlegroup Map choice allows different Battlegroups to play different Alliance Quest Maps, so Alliances with different types of players can still enjoy Alliance Quests together!
- Alliance Leadership can now select the number of Battlegroups they wish to play at the start of each Alliance Quest Day.
- Each Map now has a cost per Battlegroup instead of a total cost for 3 Battlegroups to incentivize different Map choices for different Battlegroups!
- Randomized enemies in certain sections keep things fresh from week-to-week.
- Some all-new encounters across all Maps will shake things up alongside an all new boss: Kingpin!
- A new difficulty scaling system raises the ceiling on difficulty for the most powerful Alliances in the Contest, but will also yield more points to coincide with the addition of new Peak Milestones!
- New Season 5 Map Crystals offer increased rewards for Summoner efforts!
- More Tier 2 Alpha availability in Ranked rewards will help Summoners to Rank Up their top Champions more quickly!

Settle in Summoners, because from this point forward there’s going to be a lot to take in. Let’s begin!

The Goals of Season 5:

Before we get into the specifics of what has changed, we’d like to give you some insight into why we made these changes, to better frame the thought process behind each of these new updates for you!
- We want to make Alliance Quests a more engaging experience for Alliances containing players of differing skill, progression, or engagement.
- We want to add some more variety to weekly Alliance Quests, to help prevent that feeling of monotony and boredom.
- We want to refresh the challenges across most Alliance Quest maps.
- We want to Increase Tier 2 Alpha availability in Alliance Quests, and have Alliance Wars Seasons as the “Go To” place for Tier 5 Basics.
- We want to promote more involvement throughout the Alliance Quest Series.

We made a lot of improvements to Alliance Quests with these goals in mind throughout the planning process, and they formed the base of everything else here!

Map Choice Per Battlegroup!

The biggest new feature coming to Alliance Quests this season is one that many of you have asked for repeatedly in the past – the ability to select different Maps for different Battlegroups!

With Season 5, if Alliance Leaders and Officers choose to, each of your 3 Battlegroups can now play on Different Maps. We had 3 primary reasons behind this:
- Alliances with 30 members of varying skill or commitment levels, but who are all friends, can remain intact without the tension of having to choose between a Map that satisfies one group over another.
- Alliances with fewer than 30 members, who are still growing, can participate in higher Maps without needing to donate for 3 Battlegroups while they add members.
- Alliances who want to have more control over difficulty on a per-Battlegroup basis can choose to do so (BG1 and BG2 play Map 5, BG3 plays Map 6, for example).


We’ve also put in a safeguard to warn Alliance Leaders or Officers if they won’t be able to fully explore their selection of Maps as well!


Just like now, if you participate in the Alliance Quest you will still get rewards from all of the Battlegroups that complete/explore the Map. For example, if you are in a Battlegroup running Map 3, and your Alliance has another battlegroup running Map 6, you will receive completion, exploration, and conqueror rewards generated from both Map 3 and Map 6!

Note: Just as currently you must participate in a Battlegroup to get these Battlegroup completion-type rewards.

In Short: Now, you can run up to 3 Different Maps in 3 Different Battlegroups, so more skilled/experienced Players will be able to take on Harder Maps, while less experienced members of your Alliance can take on a less challenging one. You’ll all get the rewards from all of them, so you can help less experienced players grow!

Battlegroup Choice

In order to let Alliance Leadership pick different Maps for different Battlegroups, first, they will need to select the number of Battlegroups they want to run daily when they start the Alliance Quest. Then, then will be able to select the Maps to be run for each Battlegroup.

This is what you’ll see when you launch Alliance Quests every day:


Map Costs

Now that you can choose different Maps per Battlegroup, instead of TOTAL Map Costs (3 Battlegroups), there is PER BATTLEGROUP Map Cost. The total cost for running all 3 Battlegroups has not changed (so running Map 5 in 3 Battlegroups would be the same as it is today), unless you are running less than all 3. Check it out below:


Map 4 is evenly split (33%) between each Battlegroup, because we want to encourage growth into higher maps, without discouraging partial (not all 3 Battlegroups) participation.

Map 5 and 6 Battlegroup costs are distributed 25%-50%-25% because we want to encourage Alliances who are interested in dabbling in higher level maps to try them out, but also if you’re already considering doing 2 Battlegroups, we want to encourage you to take on all 3! Our goal here is still to maintain a sacrifice in resources for running less than 3 Battlegroups, but reduce the burden that currently exists by a measurable 25%.

Note: We also looked at other breakdowns between Battlegroups before and after landing on these numbers, but believe that this one is the most likely to accomplish our goal above.

The cost is not dependant on which Battlegroup you choose for which Map. So, if you decide to Run 4,5,6, You’ll pay the first Battlegroup price for each of them, but if you choose to run 5,6,5 you’ll pay for the Battlegroups 1 and 2 of Map 5, and 1 of Map 6.

All in all, even if you choose to run just 2 Battlegroups of Map 5, you’re still going to be paying less than the 100% that you were paying before.

In Short: Map Costs are now split into per Battlegroup costs, so you’ll only pay for the Battlegroups you run in that Map. Some Maps have a higher 2nd Battlegroup cost than their 1st or 3rd, but no Map costs more to play than before.

More Variety!

We’ve heard your concerns that Alliance Quests can quickly become routine and repetitive. We want to combat this feeling of monotony and keep Alliance Quests fresh to keep you guessing.

That is why we are introducing randomized enemies to Maps 2-5! Randomized enemies will only ever be found on Locally Buffed nodes (no linked nodes!) and will not be hidden, so you can always scout ahead to see which enemies are on your path this week. These randomized enemies function similar to how the current random Minibosses work. Each node will have a pool of 3 different Champions that can appear there (Map 2 will only have 2 potential enemies), and every week, one of those opponents is randomly selected for each node to fill that spot!

We will be keeping an eye on these encounters, and will be reviewing data to determine if any further tweaks or changes may be needed in the future.

The Map will remain consistent across Alliances, so the randomized Enemies you see on any given week are the same enemies all other Alliances running the same Map are seeing as well! Enemies are randomized every week, and will not change from day to day. Now you should note, there are some potentially tricky Opponents in this list, including some like Dormammu and Iceman, though their Signature levels will be pretty low, or non-existent.

For the most part, the random enemies will all be of the same class, save for a few that appear on paths with multiple classes on them, where they could be either.

With randomized enemies now coming into play, there are literally thousands of different Map combinations that you can encounter!

Let’s take a look at a few examples:


In Short: Locally Buffed Nodes on Maps 2-5 will have a pool of 3 Champions to choose from every time a new series of Alliance Quests spawns. All Alliances running the same maps will see the same enemies, and those enemies will stick around until the next series starts.
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