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Game is down? [Merged Threads]



  • FrnkieloFrnkielo Posts: 311 ★★
    This outage directly affected AW while many alliances are fighting to move up in tiers..now people “died” mid fight bcuz kabam doesn’t know how to operate a game for a full 24 hours without this absolutely nonsense
  • TbonneTbonne Posts: 46
    If the game is down for maintenance why are u investigating it
  • ezmoneyezmoney Posts: 208
    scrap.. this game. if your servers cant handle the game then say so. this emergency bs while people have boosts going is ridiculous
  • Rogue42Rogue42 Posts: 1,006 ★★★
    Really? Couldn’t tell what with all the other threads about it.
  • SonnybrooksSonnybrooks Posts: 24
    Rogue42 wrote: »
    Really? Couldn’t tell what with all the other threads about it.

    Me neither
  • Rogue42Rogue42 Posts: 1,006 ★★★
    Key word is emergency.
  • TheeWolverineTheeWolverine Posts: 77
    (M) aybe they
    (C) an hire
    (O) thers who
    (C) an actually program games and keep them running!
  • stinkypants74stinkypants74 Posts: 13
    Really Kabam? Still no compensation for melting our phones. Rolling out the unpopular dungeons AGAIN even though the player base knew it would cause nothing but downtime. For crying out loud. Let’s have a stable game rather than melting our phones and “innovating” new forms of gameplay that only result in no game play at all.
  • Ol_BarceOl_Barce Posts: 42
    It’s time for open communication with the players. This is ridiculous. It’s down multiple times every day.
  • Thewood1_Thewood1_ Posts: 14
    Can’t even play dungeons without issues and now I lose my best champs. This company is so going down hill with so many maintenance issues.
  • ChanmanChanman Posts: 1
    I’d like to see free champ refresh after Iv been kicked from 2 dungeons now
    No kabam, check your servers. Please. Thank you.
  • Stagedear85Stagedear85 Posts: 774 ★★★
    Im sorry but this is beyond me that we have to go thru so many emergency maintenance in one week, last month my phone was over heating to the point that my phone don't hold charge and now this, I wonder when Kabbam going to take some accountability, I appreciate the Appreciation week but I mean a month would be nice and some gold, im not asking for hand outs here but right now with this game being down at the worst times is just beyond me.
  • NamelezNamelez Posts: 992 ★★★
    Cost my buddy an AW fight. Fix this! This is every day now !
  • OKAYGangOKAYGang Posts: 524 ★★★
    It's up.......but for how long???

    Also Level up is over guess I missed out, thanks Kabam!
  • OKAYGangOKAYGang Posts: 524 ★★★
    (M) aybe they
    (C) an hire
    (O) thers who
    (C) an actually program games and keep them running!

    (C)ompleted, next
    (C)oming soon!
  • RoyalPlasmaRoyalPlasma Posts: 73
    For clarity, since I see many are confused, "Emergency Maintenance" is a technique used to bring the game back up. Basically.. they first let the servers fill to the limit then, when everybody gets kicked out and cries themselves to sleep, the remaining players can enter a less trafficked and fully functional server!
  • When are you guys gonna figure out your **** servers can't handle all the content you try to put in the game at one time. This happened last time dungeons was out. On top of dungeons your GP quest along with monthly quest and aw. How about you invest some of the money you guys rake in hand over fist into some new servers and upgrade everything else. Just a thought.
  • Nick_Caine_32Nick_Caine_32 Posts: 587 ★★★★
    Down long enough to mess people up for level up and those in a dungeon room and those fighting in war. I wanted to move in war before I went to bed, but do I chance it?

    You do understand this is what we have to think and deal with now with this game? Having to weigh if we start a fight or dungeon, if the game is gonna magically go down in the middle of it? Already happened on day 2 of dungeons for me.

    This is why your package tomorrow is trash. Fix your game and delay AQ season and war season. Fix the game. Fix the game. For the love of god fix your game and make this right.
  • DarthPhalDarthPhal Posts: 1,064 ★★★★
    Game can’t support dungeons. Nobody who was paying attention the first time around is surprised the game is choking on dungeons again.
  • Rogue42Rogue42 Posts: 1,006 ★★★
    More threads about game downtime!?
  • BayouemBayouem Posts: 98
    If they can’t keep the hamster running give him scheduled breaks and let us all know ahead of time.
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