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The badass champion in the whole game



  • Drummer829Drummer829 Posts: 105
    IMIW, just glad they finally made a cool iron man
  • NamelezNamelez Posts: 992 ★★★
    GwenPool. No debate.
  • Evil_Monkey88Evil_Monkey88 Posts: 125
    Mephisto, Nightcrawler, Dormammu. I love their design.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,271 ★★★★★
    Masacre looks and moves with genuine threat, and he belongs on this list for his SP2 damage vs block alone!
  • SmashSmash Posts: 808 ★★★
  • V1PER1987V1PER1987 Posts: 3,474 ★★★★★
    Heimdall avatar and profile picture look awesome and those specials....
  • NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 3,859 ★★★★★
    Despite being bad, carnage looks and plays amazing

    Also mentions for domino, Hela, Taskmaster, and sabretooth

    Sitting on an awakened 5* Carnage...waiting for the glorious day he rises to take his throne!

    he was suppose to be the most badass lol
  • FooshblalalaFooshblalala Posts: 277 ★★
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 6,904 ★★★★★
    BitterHead wrote: »
    Iron patriot.... Just love him!!!

    This one. He generates many views and threads (like no other).
  • All mighty Iron Patriot, that's why he's always there in your crystal
  • abqberabqber Posts: 230 ★★
  • SKOutsiderSKOutsider Posts: 117 ★★
    Personally I love Corvus.

    He looks and feels like someone that deserves respect.

    His l2 makes me feel like a proper swordsman every time (despite his weapon being a Glaive).
  • JayCeeJayCee Posts: 732 ★★
    IMIW easy
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