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Next r5 5*

I already have a rank 5 five star blade. I am one tier 2 alpha away from my second rank 5 and debating who I should put up. Any advice / input would be appreciated. Thank you.

Next r5 5* 46 votes

Medusa (duped)
ArcDeAngelusKenny292Jank39Appleisgodfish8sixSungjnameplasVuDahHeadrollerDOKTOROKTOPUSGrim10JCPer14Carme1974Duke_SilverWorknprogressCrazyjack719WerewrymSaif_AionBlaZeNJC_ 30 votes
Iron man infinity war (duped)
HollowbornGreifmaster911raffsterSpiderCoolsJohnLocke117Quattrucci 6 votes
Ghost rider (duped)
AsukiraLegionDestroierBruce12342AdityatheaawesomWebby72Beewee 6 votes
Iceman (unduped)
IvarTheBonelessSanaruanFooshblalalaMr_E 4 votes


  • Medusa (duped)
    I'd do Medusa. IMIW is available as 6* so may as well hold off on taking the 5* up.
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 3,244 ★★★★
    Medusa (duped)
    Very tough choice, but Medusa's armor break/shattered will help you through alot of content as well as AW be it as an attacker or defender
  • Grim10Grim10 Posts: 6
    Medusa (duped)
    Thanks everyone. This is exactly why I’m struggling. Imiw is nowhere near as effective in attack as medusa but he is more effective in defence compared to medusa since she has been around long enough for people to understand how to fight her. Medusa will probably be more help in act 6 as well when it finally comes out.

    Also would medusa be a possible LOL option alongside blade?
  • I have a 5* medusa sig 71 at r3. Even at r3 she works so well for so many different areas. Also she is still a good aw def option and is amazing on attack imho. She is also a LOL champ from what I understand but I have not tried LOL yet. Now saying that I am a big fan of ghost rider. My GR is r4 unduped. I’m not sure how much additional damage he gets from the extra rank. This is really tough tbh. Who do you use more? Are you looking for attackers for aq or aw? Are you looking for just LOL champs? I think it really comes down to that. Good luck
  • cx23433cx23433 Posts: 465 ★★
    Iron patriot
  • Grim10Grim10 Posts: 6
    Medusa (duped)
    I’ve only done 1 path of LOL and it only just occurred to me that maybe medusa was a valid LOL option to accompany blade against people he is not as effective against (colossus, oml, etc). I’ve already completed all other content in the game as well so LOL is basically the last thing to do. I’ve got a strong aw and aq team but am just trying to work out who would be the best all rounder for me if I needed to improve my defence or attack if I end up somewhere that requires me to.
  • ArcDeAngelusArcDeAngelus Posts: 209
    Medusa (duped)
    Medusa is quality, I used her for Maestro LOL fights and a few others Sparky wasn't suited for. She doesn't have many weaknesses and hits harder than the other champs on offer.
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