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Who should I use a generic 4* awakening gem on?

I’m close to exploring act 4 and I’m trying to decide who to use the generic awakening gem on. Initially I wanted to use it on Starlord, but I’ve heard he’s not got a lot of utility. My other options that I’d consider are Ironman IW, Blade, Luke Cage, Ghulk and Doctor Voodoo. I’m on act 5.1.3 so I’m not uncollected yet and haven’t completed rol, I’ve done the first 3 chapters of rttl. Should I use the gem on one of these champs or should I wait for a better champ? (I already have a duped Archangel and Magik, but I don’t have champs like Medusa, Hyperion, Sparky, Ghost Rider, Killmonger)

Thanks for any advice given!


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