Venom and carnage champion

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Hi I want to talk about Venom and carnage they are cool champions but their damage is ok if they gets a ton of buffs on his awakened while doing a 5 hit combo they should so steal health and it should increases on his awakened ability when signature stones are used and thee steals a decent amount of health other buffs could be added to them like energy resistance when they get hit by an energy attack or special other buffs could be added to them to make them decent champions will they be buffed in the future because sentry got buffed and he is a good champion now.



  • I did a similar post. These two needs to be ASAP. Well, good news is two cosmics are being buffed up. Well, one I’m gonna go ahead and say will be carnage and the other highly possibly venom. That would be the dopest thing honestly, perfect time for his movie
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    Please use punctuation. It's difficult to understand you. Are you saying to buff Venom and Carnage? If so, then that's the rumored plan and I'm excited for it. October is rumored month.
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  • #buffVenom
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    Oh this thread is still alive.
  • Lol, it will be active until these two god tier worthy champs are given what they deserve.
  • They won't buff them, they create new Carnage, new Venom, that's how business go, just like Ironman IW and Captain IW.
  • Imma disagree on that. Venom and carnage are in dire need of a whole new rework. But it is a possibility..we will have to see when it drops
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