Maybe it is time to explain how MVP in AW is calculated



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    goes by your offense % rating left after AW is over or atleast that seems to be one of the criteria
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    I am not 100% sure of how it is calculated, and I don’t see a reason why Kabam can’t clear it up and just tell us. The defender rating number in the image might be modified by mastery set up or boosts etc. It’s my guess that MVP is calculated of the base PI of the defenders along with exploration. I don’t think defender kills or difficulty of node makes any difference. That’s my two pence worth anyway
  • From wat I hv gauged....I honestly think it also considers the level of opponent ur facing in percentage...for example a 5 star r4 defender will carry more value for mvp then an 4 star r5...of course it has no way of identifying that a 5 star r4 ws is more easier than a 4 star r5 domino nd it cubdprobably be awarding more value to beating r4 ws...also wat others said don’t die...hv a part to play in boss kill nd solo a mini....the argument of lane 1 or 3 getting mvp is not right...I do lane 6 nd 7 nd almost always get an mvp..but it’s not dependent on lane otherwise y wudnt other members doing same lane in other bgs not get it....
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    TKal wrote: »
    TKal wrote: »
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    defender rating seems to play a large part....
    if you compare someone who has a defender rating of 40,000 with someone who has defender rating of 20000 there will be a very, very large difference between percentages.

    as far as attack goes, number of kills, toughness of opponents fought and times died are all in the calculation

    Then explain how I wasn’t MVP

    he said defender rating not how many ur defenders killed
    maybe the other guy put more ranked up champs than you

    Can’t you look the Screenshot for god sake ? You can’t compare defender rating ? Then you see I’m above him.

    i looked at the ss. its you who cant understand the difference between defender kills and defender rating and since u need help defender rating means the total pi of the defenders put in aw defense
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    defender kills is meaningless.... counts for nothing....
    your defender rating was practically the same...... so same score there
    attacker kills were same number. maybe his kills were against stronger opponents, maybe he got more attacker bonus.....

    (next time can you please make sure your post does not include blank pics taking up so much space, it makes it hard to read.)

    also were you in the same or different BG???
    maybe it is based also on BG and he was higher rankled in his BGG and you were lower ranked in yours??
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    Well the thing is it should mean something and currently it doesn’t

    When you take 6 standard nodes, including node 24. Solo the immune mini and the boss with 0 KOs you should be mvp. I do this every war. And I never get mvp.
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    Are you even in the same BG? Because your exploration in your BG may be higher than his exploration in his BG, but overall his can be higher than yours if factoring in the exploration of those who are higher than his in his own BG

    MVP is awarded to who takes the longest routes (most nodes) overall. That's just it
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