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Looking For A Relaxed Alliance

Experienced player who has 5x5 experience.

Just looking for a group where I can play and contribute, and continue to advance.

Not interested in drama, just want to play the game and enjoy. I am capable of handling any path in quest and I'm use to most of the paths in war.

I am at the point where I dont normally put a lot of time into the game, but I will be on several times a day and will clear my paths in a timely manner.

Line ID: bigpetedatiga same for my gametag


  • Mikeg12790Mikeg12790 Posts: 71
    Hey bud we are looking for experienced guys with a relaxed feel. Map 3, no donations, and tier 5 war.
  • Hello, So we are a sister alliance start up of a 13mil 5x5 Gold 1 alliance and we are a more causal alternative. We will run a 5x5BG and 4x5BG and plan to hit around Gold 3 with 3BG wars. And if you ever feel like you want to step it up you can join the higher alliance. Hit me up on Line ffnmvigyivygyvk
  • 14 mil ally, Most of us were gold 1, tired of the push for platinum, started a new alliance, went from stone to gold 2 in the new short season. We wanted to put "fun" back into the game. No event minimums, no donations, might change with new AQ. Have at least one group to run 5x5 other probably 53333. Will be no boost wars, or spend wars, not interested, need to active but relaxed players before new season. Check us out Hotel Artemis.
    Ign line. Sono man
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 995
    Hey Guys,

    We may have to replace a guy after SA this week, so I wanted to see if there was anyone looking around for a new place to hang out...

    What we have: a stable, active, supportive group of players. (11+ mil ally, 30 active guys strong). We run 44432 in AQ with the first 2 mandatory (30 mil), and 2 BG's in AW...Gold 3 last 3 seasons, goal is Gold 2 next season. We have a great balance of life and game, allowing guys to pop out for for a bit for real life, while plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself into a great group to play the game. We use discord for team comms (like line, but better for us) and are very organized with comms.

    We will probably run 554, 544, 444, 433, 222 AQ after the upcoming changes.

    We have minimums...2k item use, 10k completion, 8k SA. We hit SA weekly, most always top half. Donations are 50k gold and 3k loyalty...go ahead and keep your battle chips. This will change with the AQ changes upcoming...with battle chips.

    If this sounds like a great place to hang out, please reach out: Ground Round on line, Ground Round #0363 in discord, and Ground Round in game.

  • Starscean98Starscean98 Posts: 92
    Hey if you're still looking for alliance I'd like to leave mine here. We're all fun alliance.
    AQ - 55543/2. AW- continous.
    SA weekly. Events--only quest completions
    Can't find you on line. Maybe you can try contacting me -
    Line- akashpatre Ingame- Starscean98

  • GorerillaTacticGorerillaTactic Posts: 229
    edited September 2018
    If you're still looking for an alliance, PM me (ARGaming86), our other officer OpethFan1 , or my leader ebonhand on LINE for more details. IG:GorerillaTactic, Liam 7, OpethFan1
    I couldn't find you on LINE, but I sent you a friend request and an invite (GorerillaTactic).
    About my alliance:
    The Order of the Ebon Hand, [O.E.H], is a chill but active 4.1 million alliance that's recruiting seven plus players with a base rating of 100K+. The LINE app is REQUIRED in order to join.
    AW currently runs two to three times a week with one to two BG's while working towards three BG's after we acquire 30 members. We're currently Bronze 3 looking to advance to Silver by the end of Season 3.
    We run Map 2/3 with two BG's while working towards three BGs. During AW: Map 2 is ran during attack and Map 3 during placement. AQ looks like something like this 32323. The use of top champs is a must where nothing under 2K in AQ/AW is allowed.
    Participation is key! Max participation in completion, item use, duels, etc is required. No donation requirements. We understand that life issues happen, but please communicate.
    Our updated stats are as follows : Bronze 2 - 4,090,609 (4.1MIL) - 1,062 AW Rating

  • Gladiator2014Gladiator2014 Posts: 283
    Add friend you in-game. My IGN is gladiator2014. Let's chat. I think you would like it in our alliance.
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