Is thor worth to awaken using generic gem ?

Its_RohaNIts_RohaN Posts: 68
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I just got 4* thor should i use my generic awakening gem on him ?


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    Mr_TunizMr_Tuniz Posts: 8
    Should wait untill you have a better champ to use it on. Cosmic awakaning gem though i would use on him. if you have minimum of like 20 sig stones to pop into him.

    but he still is a good damage dealer!
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    Slux83Slux83 Posts: 357 ★★
    It depends. He's still good but way far from what it was. A R5 maxed Thor is still a good option but personally I will save a generic for a real game changing champ
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    AakashAakash Posts: 340
    Id wait for someone better honestly. He is still good but I prefer Drax and Hyperion as far as cosmics go. A generic gem should be used on a god tier champ like DV, SW, Wolverine, Maybe Gwenpool, SL.
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