Bi-Weekly T4C, Tier 1 AW. 4.7k ﹰPrestige.

We are a 9M alliance looking for guys with some major skills. 99% of us have beat ROL, RTL, Chloe, Bautista so we have some expectations skill wise but it's definitely got it's good returns in rewards lol. About us...

Ally Tag: -mch-
AW Tier 1 (AW Rating 2066)
AQ 56555, 55555 (Bi-Weekly T4C)
U.S. based but have guys in other countries
Very organized/Adult ally/Drama Free

Event Requirements:
(We hit last milestone in all 3 day events)

SA Weekly (Average 3-5%)

Weekly Donations=120K Gold, 13k Loyalty, 30K Battlechips

Missing a requirement we ask that you donate another 40K gold, 2k BC and 1k loyalty, this makes weekly donations cheaper, rewarding those who hit reqs.

We also have a strike system to keep the moochers/slackers out. I'll explain more when you message me.

What We Are Looking For:
Must be atleast 200K PI
Must have Map6 experience
Must have Tier1 AW expierence
Must have 4700 Prestige
Must have atleast 1 r4 5*
Must have LINE app
(Boss Killers below 4700 Prestige can still contact me)

Despite our high expectations we understand that you also have a life and this is a game, officers are very understanding of life so we can always work something out when life happens. Were a chill group of guys, our core has been together a year and a half and we just wanna add to that. Anyways cheers.

Add Me If Interested
LINE: dielawn7
In-Game: oDielawn7o


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    Mr_TunizMr_Tuniz Posts: 8
    I send you an in-game invite
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    DLegendDLegend Posts: 745 ★★★
    You can also post this on reddit lol. More people will be able to read it
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    Dielawn7Dielawn7 Posts: 152
    My teammate copy and pasted it on reddit. Lol
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    Dielawn7Dielawn7 Posts: 152
    Looking for 1 this week.
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