who is best to rank up these skill champs?

any suggestions are welcome, who to rank up one of my these skill champs:
r4 4* dd sig 99, r2 5* undupe Hawkeye, r4 4* bpcw sig 60
i have been having enough t4 skill catalysts for more than months, i was waiting for gwenpool or crossbones but no luck. i hv been using dd as attacker in aw unblockable nodes and bpcw as defender. hawkeye never used in aq n aw only in some quest when needed to power control.


  • AEG93AEG93 Posts: 69
    If Hawkeye was duped i'd go with him, but since he's not, I'd choose DD. He can do great as an AW attacker, and he is one of the best champs against Collector in 5.2
  • SummonerB2SummonerB2 Posts: 556
    dd if your going for act 5.2
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