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Thats a funny word when comes to balancing a game whether its champion adjustment or damage output and works out in the end for others.....who play other games.

For this game well its a entire different story literally i should say..when we ask why isnt iceman immune to coldsnap or GR immune to incinerate the response is it would unbalance the game which is understandable.

Then we have the lovely Emma Frost who basically breaks all the game mechanics let alone the fact she is immune to almost all the debuffs to which some of our champs arent.

Take a look at her in UC yes she is tough because of the nodes but strip away the nodes and she still tough bc of the unbalancing. Now i dont need ppl correcting me and convincing she is balanced bc if you think that well you might just need a shot of reality there.

Domino and IWIM were a problem but they least are balanced that works well in the current state but with Emma not even close sure you can break her diamond form but at the same time you get punished for building your special bc based on that determines how often she goes into Diamond form.

Again before you correct me and all just remember not everyone has corvus or medusa or anyone who has armor break champs so think bout how those ppl feel right now and yes you can try and use power control champs but time you try to drain her she be in diamond form not taking any damage bc your being punished for it.

Question i ask is where is the balance in her huh? You say game balance is what prevents game being unfair and if you ask me that gone out the window after 12.0 nerf.

Leave your comments below about what you think of Emma being the unbalanced factor knowing the game is suppose to be balanced.


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    Some people are crazy and bring her down with Ant-man, sure, not the UC one, but he did use a 2/5 Ant so...

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    She’s not that bad. In UC, yeah she sucked but that was in large part due to the nodes and her inflated attack. The epic uncanny danger room is a perfect example of how reasonable she is. End game players should have no trouble with her once they learn her mechanics. This is the same process for every new champ we see. There is a learning curve.
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    I really really miss pre-12.0 right now...why'd you have to bring it up? :(
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    the game has no balance, and it's not because of Emma, but because we have champs who are better then other champs like in everything. compare some cool champ like iceman with colossus - the are actually pretty close - immunes, high armor, but iceman has so much more utility and better or not worse in any match up, I guess. or hype vs venompool (or pre-buffed venom, if you want) the existence of champs who are better in every way than others - that what you call imbalance, and that's what you see here
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    Emma frost isn’t that hard man one shot her with a 5:50 sparky she just needs to be learned if anything I found the uncollected omega red was harder
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    I don't have a problem with Emma's added benefits, like her diamond form or inverted controls. I think those add flavor to the fights. What I do have a problem with is her extremely exaggerated reach. They animated her using basically a toe tap kick that does major damage (especially in UC) and reaches as far as Doc Ock's tentacles.
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