Explain this please

Ok just upset about this we was sent this morning units and loyolty for the change to the mastery i get that but how is it right to send people different amount of units i was sent 30 yet others got 600 and some even got 2000 units from it please explain this and how its keeping the contest fair?


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    People got back what they put into the mastery. If you bought cores with units you got units back, you received loyalty if you bought cores with loyalty. Seems fair to me..
  • Read other threads, or just read the announcement or the messages itself.
    You were warned. You only get what you spent
  • I spent more then 30 units on it
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    Well to rank up md cost units, but those weren't refunded the only things refunded were the units that you spent to buy the mystic cores.
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    I spent more then 30 units on it

    Are you 100% positive you didn't use loyalty or found mystic cores to purchase MD? How much loyalty did you get back?
  • Yes im positive because i have only ever bought 2 cores with loyalty
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    I spent more then 30 units on it

    I thought the same. But it’s has been a long time since we ranked MD. So our memories are not as good as Kabams records.

    I got back exactly enough loyalty to take it back to 4/5. So my memory of spending units is faulty.
  • Hey thanks to those who have already commented to provide information. To confirm, we will be refunding the exact amounts of Loyalty and Units that each player spent to unlock the different levels of Mystic Dispersion, so those who spent more Units to buy the necessary cores would receive more Units, while those who spent more Loyalty would receive more Loyalty in the message containing the refund.
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