Hero rating decrease why

KABAM! Seriously you guys. I've seen a lot of people complaining about a million things but, I don't share their opinions. Altough I really gotta say... WHAT THE FREAKING HELL? I've been experiencing this issue or bug, whatever, but whenever I rank up a hero, their rank actually drops! Can you believe that? It's really really really stupid, annoying and seriously non-sense. First time I saw this I wasn't really sure and thought I was going bananas, then it happenned again, and again, and once again. For real you guys, please fix this, we spend hours and hours playing and gathering the resources to upgrade our precious heroes so it's unacceptable that things like this actually happens. It's not always, but also it's not rare, it's been happenning a lot to me lately, sadly I just have proof of 1 hero but I will be collecting more proof. Please get back with a response or somenthing.

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