Room for 2-3 elite/skilled players. What you see is what you get.

Have room for 2 at the moment, will make room for any worthy enough to join us. Recruiting is one of the hardest aspects of running an alliance. We have plenty of loyal members, but not enough who contribute to our main goal which is to keep making progress. What I need to fill out last couple/few spots are people dedicated to War and AQ. We do good with rank reward events like Summoner Advancement and Item Use and so forth, but have limited contribution from our members when it comes to joining War. We usually clear AQ all 3 groups 100% so not a problem there except a few days once in awhile. AQ wise we are exactly where we want to be though. We finish top 3500 every week for a full Tier 4 Basic. We do map 3 and throw in map 4 once or twice a week to ensure a full Tier 4 Basic for top 3500 rank rewards.

We are hovering between Gold 2-3 because of a bad start to season 3. Even at 3-3 we were still Gold 2, but I am teaching out to a couple of Elite high ranking players to join us to ensure a Gold 2 finish while making a run at Gold 1 before it is too late. This is one hell of an offer if you are not interested in joining us long term and only need to put in a week or two of work to reap some very good rewards for minimal effort. We are all about War, but currently have a few members who don’t quite understand that that need to be replaced by people who do. You have to join Wars to be eligible for season rewards and have a few members who refuse to join, so I need to replace them. We always have room for elite players who know what it takes to win and can contribute to the cause.

Will post a few screenshots so you know what you’re getting into. Only real requirement we have is you must have LINE chat app for communication. Please consider joining the family. We run this place. Best casual alliance in game. No donations. What more can you ask for? Working mans alliance for those who are too busy for hardcore map 5-6 alliances or those who love the challenge of Tier 1-3 War but just not worth it anymore. We have some very elite players and could use a few more. Heavy hitters make a big difference in the right alliance. We’re the right alliance for you if you are built for Tier 1 AW or map 6 AQ but just don’t have the time for that. Thanks for your time. Everyone who joins usually likes it here and ends up staying for the long run. Nothing I can do about indecisive losers who think it’s cool to join a new alliance every week or two. Sometimes we get very elite players who like it here but get sucked back into the “rewards” aspect and after getting back into it with us here, they choose to go back to the hardcore alliance portion of the game. No problem with that, but just know that you can make good progress here with us and we are better than half of the hardcore alliances in the game. Thanks again. Add fixitmobb on LINE for invite to channels and see if like our chat first and are thinking about joining us. No free rides here. You don’t earn, you don’t eat. Death before dishonor. Hopefully you are built from the same cloth as us, because if you are not, you won’t be able to hang here. Let’s get it. Going for a Gold 1 finish if can get a few big dogs to join us ASAP. A crew of associates is always a nice deal even if it is temporary employment, we get paid here and so will you.

Screenshots to show you what you’re missing out on. We are not a hardcore alliance, I am not comparing our rewards to them. We are a casual alliance with players who have hardcore alliance experience. There’s a dozen alliances out there who are just wannabes of us. There are a couple other casual alliances that are equal to us and I give them credit when credit is due. Other than that, the rest are nowhere close to us and really pointless trying to copy the blueprint set from the OGs when you don’t have the right ingredients for the recipe. It doesn’t happen overnight so good luck to the copycats. There’s only one Mafia running the battle realm and it’s us. Stay out of the way or get dealt with. You’ve been warned. If you want to go War, bring it on. I hang heads of alliance war bosses on my wall in my den and like joking around with them when puffing on my cigars. Just please try not to have a stupid look on your face when we kill you, because I’m the only who has to look at your annoying mug everyday.



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    That pic with the Tier 4 catalysts is exactly 1 week ago. If you’re active and grind hard this is how much you can get in a week here.
    Top pic is my overflow. Easy money here if you got what it takes.

    if y9gtnnyhj8k3.png

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    We are also your best bet and clearly number one option if you are at the highest level when it comes to Tier 4 class catalysts. If you have so many crystals that you cannot open or else they will expire due to lack of Tier 1 Alphas and Tier 4 Basics, we are the best alliance in the game when it comes to getting those 2 catalysts. The game is backwards at the highest levels and everyone who is sitting on dozens or hundreds of tier 4 class catalyst crystals knows that. That is where we have to advantage over hardcore alliances if you know what it takes to keep making progress. Very good place to be if 750K-1million rating that has done all of the hardcore aspects and needs to revert back to the basics to keep making progress. Our ultimate goal is Tier 3 War and Platinum 3 seasons in the future so that we can obtain more 6* champs. That is where we plan to stand in the future. For now, we get plenty of 5*s if you are active and contribute. Should have no complaints here unless someone who just wants everything now. Not going to happen. Put in work and keep crossing names off your hit list and you’ll fit in well with us.
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    Still looking for any high quality players out there that would be a game changer to any alliance they join please.
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    Don’t want to come up with another recruitment post. Have said everything that can. Don’t know what else to say. Looking for a couple of elite players who can understand what we are offering. Casual alliance with no donations but active daily. Trying to concentrate on War but most of our members are busy with jobs or school or families. This alliance can get you the best rewards possible for the least amount of effort possible. Just looking for a couple of elite players who can help contribute 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes with AW/AQ. Perfect place if you are busy in real life but still log in on a regular basis. Thanks.

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    Got a bunch of slackers here that need to get rid of. Need new blood who understands that you need to contribute and be a team player if you want to get ahead.

    Add fixitmobb on LINE to see if we can terminate some of our members who aren’t earning to open a spot for made men who now how to get what they want.

  • Hey Fixit,
    I'm a very active player.
    I want to join your ally.
    Please, add me.
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