AW synergies, when will it be updated? [Edited by Mod for clarity]

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Another 7 months have gone since you last “updated” us about synergies in AW.
In the meantime you have given us new contents, new champions, a new AQ, fixed some bugs and even - finally - decided to redo Carnage/Venom.
Instead, it looks like that the AW synergies’ issue has completely been forgotten. Are you even working on solving this or you just wait and hope that someday we will forget?


  • DarthPhalDarthPhal Posts: 1,064 ★★★★
    Grimmbear wrote: »
    I hope we never get an aw synergy update. AW is stupid enough already.

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    When they first changed the war map and left out synergies I wanted them back to help balance the difficulty. Since then they've buffed nodes considerably and if anything they're to much or just close to right. Defensive synergies would make war crazy and probably force a lot of people out, the very least become free to play. In lower tiers the nodes are much easier so I can see why some people in lower tiers would like them but you'll hate them later.
  • You mean all those guys in my group didn't rank their Karnak and bring him to war defense solely for that purpose? LOL
  • Why then r synergies allowed to work on offense? They should work on defense as well.... I don't have a Blade, GR... But I got a KM and void that I would love to have thier synergies work on defense.. We paid for them... They should work...
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    Good thing if synergies worked, you could figure out their other defenders easier.
    Scouting lens wouldn't be needed.
    Imagine Domino rulk syn. Misevade and heavy and eat 3k incen damage dot. Nty
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    Anyone complaining about synergies, are people who want their dormammu to revive at 20% hp, or their medusas to have permanent furies
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    Synergies are a double edged sword. Sure they may earn your alliance a few more KOs on defense, but your alliance will probably give up a few more KOs. The only one who would win is $Kabam$.
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    Wait wait wait. Kabam always $wins$ Its what they do.

    Pretty sure they gonna keep on winning. Yupp, I’m sure of it;

    Back on topic though.. Let me see if I am following your logic here.. So, you say that adding synergies back to AW just might be cool because defenders would become unpredictable with unique and non-unique synergies. It’s not like a nodes gonna tell you right.. At the same time, this could also mean you doom for your attackers.. Hmm.. calculating... •Excelsior!•
    AW just got harder for everyone! More challenging! More diversity! FTW

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