Dungeons reverted, too much of a grind now [Edited by mod for clarity]

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Please explain to me why after adjusting Dungeons and milestones in the last iteration, which actually made the game mode fun and enjoyable, Kabam managed to screw things up by completely reverting back to the grind it originally was. It now takes 6 rounds of D7 to reach all the milestones, which probably means quitting out once and starting over for most players after 4 rounds. I’m in the end game community and it just took myself and another high level, highly skilled player 45 minutes to reach all the milestones. It’s a grind I just cannot be bothered with on a daily basis. Thanks, Kabam... You finally got something right and then proceeded to absolutely ruin it.
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    It’s once every 3 days...

    If you wanna run all the milestones in one day, don’t complain it’s too much of a grind. Sheesh
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    Umm, actually this saves you time...you know those extra points you had after getting the milestones each day? They were wasted. You now have the option of playing dungeons once a day for a short amount of time or once every 3 days for a longer time and you get full milestones without wasting points each day. They will accumulate and get you to top milestone faster...
  • This change is great. Clearly you didn’t actually read how it works. As the previous poster said, you have 3 days to hit the milestone. So you can knock it out in one go by completing 5 rooms or you can break it down into a couple runs. Either way you are likely to spend a lot less time over a 3 day period.
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    I wonder if the OP will actually come back to read this and realise that the new system is actually better
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    Lol you guys are right. I didn’t realize I could do it over 3 days. Not so bad after all. Nothing to see here. Carry on. :smiley:
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    I really like this three day options. It was a smart move by the team.
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    Reading is fundamental
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    Only need 5 rounds of D7 to reach all milestone btw. Not 6
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