Gold 2 Adult Ally Pushing Gold 1

Who we are.....
We are an organized, well communicated, relaxed and mature adult alliance. We have no event minimums. Our main focus is WAR... We enjoy playing the game but understand the value of having a real life. We ran 2 bgs the past 2 seasons looking to more to 3bgs.

During the season we expect minimal deaths and line cleared. Dont expect you to spend cash but definitely glory and boost if needed.

Starting S5
1bg 5x5 and 2bg 3x5
Donations 34k / 7300bc/ 3200loyal

Looking for
•End game players looking for a slowdown in the grind but still competitive
•Uncollected player looking for a step up
•Players who communicate effectively
•Must be active daily... we are chilled but not retirement

We can accommodate a small group if needed.
Hit me up on Line with account profile and top 20. Line ID 2760st


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