Game Crashes...Any Compensation Please?

Moxieman3Moxieman3 Posts: 13
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Game is constantly crashing for myself as well as many other players as voiced about in my alliance, in global chat and everywhere on forums. I most recently crashed at the start of a boss fight in AQ on map 4 and returned with my best champ at 50%... Can't begin to express how thoroughly demotivating this is. Any chance there will be adequate compensation for these losses as a temporary fix...and as a longterm fix promises/plans explained to resolve these massive server issues?


  • Wardy31Wardy31 Posts: 6
    Same here mate......has kicked me off well over a dozen times in the past hour and a half.
  • Moxieman3Moxieman3 Posts: 13
    Disgusting tbh....any other field of customer service in the "real-world" and this would be free meal, free hotel stay. etc...
  • Wardy31Wardy31 Posts: 6's pretty annoying hahaha
  • KtashakKtashak Posts: 225
    try to reinstall.. also try to forget about compensation
  • Moxieman3Moxieman3 Posts: 13
    Haha yeah I've reinstalled a few times. Not gonna give up hoping for the best as they have given us apologies and reimbursement before. Sounds like this week's coming fix could see improvement
  • Samspade23Samspade23 Posts: 549 ★★
    If they would just change the whole "you lose 50 percent health" thing in AQ, the constant crashing would be somewhat palatable. For me, the game starts working great at the middle to end of the month and then the update buggers everything up again for another 2 weeks.
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