War season scoring and placement is nowhere even close to correct. You reward cheating and cowards.

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Other alliances similar to mine need to make a stand to help fix this. I am in an alliance that is a couple years old and worked hard to get to Tier 5. Yes, I know we aren’t that special like some Tier 1-3 Platinum Alliance, but we started from the bottom a couple years ago with the old Tier system starting from Tier 20 getting all the way up to Tier 8 winning literally 90% of the Wars we fought with 1 Battle Group. Our goal was to reach 5* shard rewards because we were a low level alliance with players between 50-100K ratings. Your War Rating system means absolutely nothing and punishes alliances for having a high War rating and rewards alliances for having low War ratings.

When we went from Tier 20 straight to Tier 8 (old Tier system), when we reached Tier 8 where 5* Shard rewards were our goal, it finally became a challenge to keep climbing the Tier ladder because of our very high War rating for a very low level alliance. We had a few very elite highly skilled players get us to where we were by winning non-stop. Then all of a sudden when we were where we wanted to be, we had a group of players with average rating of around 50-100K fighting against alliances with average ratings of over 250K. How is this fair? It isn’t. It is no where close to being fair. We had to fight alliances literally 2-3 times stronger than us because we were winners. The reason we were forced to face alliances 2-3 times stronger than us is because we had war rating that was around the same as theirs around 1700 or so. It [removed by moderation] me off because we’re playing against guys 250K with guys who are 75K. We would still win, but nowhere near the same 80-90% win ratio that we were used to. The thing that [removed by moderation]me off so much is that just because these loser alliances we are being put up against can’t beat anyone who is equal to them in strength, that they get put up against an alliance that is literally 1/3 the strength of them but had 5x the skill level. You’re punishing an alliance who earned everything they got by hard work and perseverance over the course of 1-2 years to get to where they are by putting them against people who had no right being in Tiers 6-8, that should have been Tier 3-5 alliances. This was long before Season rewards came out, so fast forward about 1/2 - 1 year later to today.

You scoring system is horrible and punishes alliances who actually have pride and dignity who love to win and don’t like to lose. You reward cowards and cheaters who lose wars on purpose to get to lower level tiers where they have no right whatsoever being in those tiers. Alliances lose on purpose to get to around Tier 8 or so or worse, so that they can destroy alliances who are nowhere even close to them in strength. This isn’t a racist comment but isn’t this game American? Because that Un-American as it gets. I know this game is worldwide. That isn’t some pro-American anti-foreign comment. It’s a fact. Losing on purpose and throwing wars during the off-season so that you can get better rewards is as cowardly and spineless as it gets and has no place in this game, but you do not care at all. So what is my point? You think I’m just here to complain? Wrong. I’m here to help you fix the problem with some suggestions that you can possibly implement even though there’s a 99% chance you’ll ignore a lone player unless they have the backing of the majority of the player base for you to actually do something about it.

Here’s the problem. My alliance hit Tier 4 and was one win away from a 2000+ War Rating. That war rating and Tier according to your standings and statistics on your leaderboards says we are top 2-3% and top 500 in United States and top 1000 in the world. I’m not bragging and nowhere even close to being as powerful as the hardcore alliances out there, but we are a casual alliance with a wide mix/variety of players and it wasn’t easy to get there with the player base we have. We have 5-10 elite, very skilled players, 5-10 very high prestige/player index rating players with average skill, and a bunch of normal guys in the 200K-400K range, with a few lower rating guys who are able to hold their own with the big dogs due to their pretty high skill level. So what’s my point?

I need the other alliances who actually have a backbone and take pride in winning wars to make a stand and make War Ratings actually mean something. The only thing it does right now is puts you up against other alliances who are close to the same rating around you. This can be a very skilled low level alliance or some super power house alliance that has almost no skill but is virtually unbeatable because they have a bunch of 750K-1 million rated players. The thing that makes absolutely no sense is that our alliances that are between 1800-2000K War ratings are struggling to barely even maintain a Gold 1-3 Season standing, but you have countless alliances who aren’t even 1000 War rating who are Gold 1-3. I’m sick of it. You can say we suck or whatever you want. But how is it fair that we are in the most competitive bracket (with exception the top 100 or so alliances in Master and Platinum 1) fighting against other alliances who are basically equal in strength fighting wars that come down to 100-500 points being the difference between a win or a loss. Grinding as hard as it gets. And we’re barely able to maintain Gold status, yet you reward these cheating cowards who make brand new alliances that are a month old just sitting there crushing baby alliances that have no idea or don’t care at all about what they are doing in wars losing to people who know exactly how they are exploiting the game to get rewards that they don’t deserve. You think because they are winning they deserve those rewards? Wrong. Put one of those alliances that is in Gold 1 against my alliance and bring all 30 or them against my 1 group of 10 on one map big enough for all 40 of us and I guarantee you they will be lucky to even get 25-50% exploration and we would 100% with less than 5 deaths. How is this fair that an alliance that is a fraction of the strength of the alliances that had to work hard to get where they are today who are Tier 3-5 with War Ratings of 1750-2000+ are getting lower season rewards than alliances who are Tier 8-10 with War rating less than 1000? How is that even possible? Oh, yeah, cheating cowards making brand new alliances or just throwing countless wars in a row losing on purpose so they can basically go undefeated for an entire season. That’s how it possible. Fix it. And alliances who are in the same boat as we are need to take a stand.

How can you fix it? When an alliance is clearly and blatantly losing on purpose so they can accomplish what I stated above need to be banned or punished. Make War Ratings actually have a factor when it comes to scoring instead of just a number you look at that shows “you’re tough”. Like have higher % buffs on nodes in wars according to War Rating ranges. Like brackets around every 250 points or so or 500 or for the lower alliances. For example, War Rating between 100-500 get zero points bonus or 0% added to boss node/miniboss node buffs. 500-1000 get an extra 0.2 point multiplier to season points and 5% bonus like 105% health instead of 100% health. 1000-1500 get extra 0.5 multiplier to season points and 10% bonus to nodes. 1500-1750 0.75x multiplier and 15% bonus to nodes. 1750-2000 1x/20%. 2000-2500 1.5x/25%. 2500+ (the most elite there are) 2x/33-50%. You get the idea. Make War Rating actually mean something. And make Tiers multiplier bonus a wider/bigger range. There’s no excuse that some alliance in Tier 8 should be anywhere even close to an alliance in Tier 4-5 like how it is happening today. It’s a lot easier to clear lower tier (tier 10) AW maps than it is to clear Tier 5 AW maps, so it’s a lot easier to get points and make that multiplier mean absolutely nothing when it’s only a couple percent. It’s ridiculous and it’s biased to alliances that either don’t even really care or are there in purpose by exploiting your current system.

Another topic for the future: add Alliance Battles 1-3 person Wars that are only a few hours and have have 0 item use. A mini-scale War. Thanks.
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