Powers to the officers to regulate AW and AQ

Here's a suggestion. We have many instances where:

1. members don't join the correct battlegroups or
2. some members don't contribute in a meaningful way and yet take up the spots on the AQs and AWs from time to time

....even after specifically asked not to do so. The easiest option is to kick them out but then they grind the arenas etc so we don't want to resort to that at the drop of a hat

How about we request Kabam to build a feature where an officer can approve or reject every single member to a AQ / AW map?

We can also have an option that if enabled, will give these kind of admin rights to your officers.

Comments please...


  • RixobRixob Posts: 505 ★★
    Sounds tedious. What if the officers go ghost for whatever reason? Sounds like a good idea with some tweaking.
    I would like the officers to be able to change members bg after they joined. When we rearrange battle groups our guys forget and join the wrong bg sometimes. That would be cool
  • iRanjaniRanjan Posts: 64
    Yeah exactly! Some kind of admin rights to control the battle groups. This will only enhance the competitiveness of the game and everyone puts their best foot forward.

    Right now there is no element of control whatsoever!
  • iRanjaniRanjan Posts: 64
    I'm the leader of alliance BPS23 [Black Panthers]. The issue is that we have 12 solid players who are really really good but because of time zone differences we have situations where some of them don't get their spots in the maps

    Many newbies join the wrong battle groups hoping for rewards but it hurts the team more than anything else!!
  • Vincew80Vincew80 Posts: 195 ★★
    Best bet is to simply boot anyone that can’t follow directions. No point in having to babysit.
  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 693
    Noooo! Don;t make me babysit people or give my officers more to manage. If people can't get it right in an established alliance then they should be kicked whether they do arena or not. Instead of solving the problem right once by kicking you are making yourself solve it over and over again.

    Get people who can follow directions, worth it in the long run, they're out there.
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